Friday, February 5, 2016

Love the Birdies

Quilting in The Desert student Pam Jordan from Oregon has what one might call a catbird seat in the top floor of her home. Just outside her window are routine bird shows which ofcourse Pam photographs. Because her home is on a large parcel of land, birds love it there. It's both their and her sanctuary.  Just a couple of Pam's class  fabric paintings shown here. So neat! (c) pls. do not copy images without approval of painter.
 I've never seen a hummingbird sitting still.
 Congratulations Pam !!

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

North to Alaska

Last week at Quilting In The Desert , student Keats Scott ( great name) tackled an ink painting on fabric that honored her memorable trip to and photograph of this charming waterfront Alaskan town. Everyone in the class wanted to take a trip to see this in real life.
Keats has a keen eye for detail.  A great photo became a great painting! The soft reflections on the water draw one in for sure. Great job Keats.

(c)  please do not copy image without approval of painter
Keats and I have been chatting about how to quilt this piece.  Her still water is so magnificent, quilting might seem a distraction. We've discussed  her misty fusing the water area and not quilting it at all.

Monday, February 1, 2016

QUILTING In The Desert

 For those wondering why the heck I hadn't posted in a couple weeks...One has to be a detective in this world of technology. The mystery of being locked out is solved...a new and different browser was required and I 'am loaded and back in business;-D

What an absolute joy!!! 5 days of painted quilt art with lovely women from both the U.S. and Canada... all in our classroom at Four Points Sheraton- Phoenix-South. I can't adequately express the total pleasure of this experience... 'such brave, adventurous, and prolific artists. THANK YOU to Ginny and Lynn Goodbar  AND Ginny's 3 sisters for pulling off a great quilt camp. Sooo many great pieces created. I will  only post photos only when given permission by the artist.  We had abstracts, landscapes, portraits, travel and outdoor recreation pictorials.  One abstract shown here...