Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Oh.. The Talent I See!

Lucky me to teach a 2 day Painted Quilt Art Class at Road To California.  I had 20 incredible students. On the second day afternoon, we had a wall of fame discussion with each artist. So rewarding!!!!  I got a few of the pictures before the end of class departures.  My apologies to those I missed.

 Yikes... I can remember who did most of these... Patty Latourell  says this is her first painting ever. WOW! Just read an email she is quilting it already.  Can't wait to see the finished piece.  BEAUTIFUL Cardinals.
A very nice beginning of the dragonfly.
Gretchen has a good start on this Magnolia. To be added leaves will create the edges of the flower petals.
Elodie Keene is painting an exceptional image translated from her own photo of travels in China. The still waters in this canal are being achieved in a wet into wet approach... complete with hairdryer to ward off unwanted bleeding into other areas.  I can't wait to see this finished.
Claudia has translated a favorite snapshot of her (now 20+ year old) grandson in short pants IN snow. OHHHH to be young !  Love his hair. What an adorable young boy!
The gentleman in the group (Bruce) completed a first ever painting. I could see the lightbulbs going off as he worked.  I think he was pretty happy with his result. 
Tanya's horse is in itself a piece of art. She began in timid style on day one.... and began adding significant values by end of day. Day 2... get out of this woman's way.... she was on her game and as you can see, Tanya created an exceptional result she will treasure forever. 

Click on photo for enlarged views.  

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Who Knew? This birdie could be so 'cool!"

Two summers ago, I painted this little birdie in 100 degree weather. It was hot hot hot as I traveled/vacationed in Mexico. The snow bunting here represents the long cold winters I spend in the mountains of California.  (Yes there are a few cold spots here at higher elevation.)
But for detailed images ... the background ( or what I label Winter's Veil of cold... was painted in a wet into wet watercolor style.)
  Hairdryers have always been a best friend to watercolorists.
Why not quilters too?!

Once quilted and faced... this small piece thrills me as it tells MY story of season life.  I'm happy to say it received 1st place honors at Road To California Quilt Festival this week. Click on photo for enlarged view.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Today's Class at Road To Ca.

This will be a quick post as I am gathering up and on my way to teach a media mixer class.  This is much like when we were kids and played with construction paper... There are so many wonderful papers  with beautiful images these days....that we'll use them on fabric.... and add a few original surface images ourselves....   To warm up for tonights class... I'm creating a simple piece of glued on ( using artist matte medium) tissues.. napkins, japanese paper,  and stencils,  and stamps.

First atop a piece of  light value mottled background fabric... I lay out a basic composition of an assortment of materials that will tell the story I wish to 'play' with.  This one began from the sweet cherub napkin.

Next pieces get 'glued' to fabric using a thin application of medium ( Careful... many papers will tear when dampened.)
Once glued down... I added some stenciling.
I then decided I'd like a background stencil as well.  I wish I knew where I got this one... I love it. UPDATE:  Figured out the stencil source... TSC DESIGNS out of Texas.. they have a booth at Road to Calif this week and will be in Phoenix show next week. I think $7 bucks!!!

Placed atop piece... I will stencil only where the stencil color seems to be behind what I've placed on the surface as tissues, etc.

 In this case, I kept the background stencil soft. It will be a great help though when quilting the piece later... It will provide direction for quilting lines. Yeah!  Let the surface design do the work!   These little pieces are way fun to border and quilt. That will be later!!!

Finally the center of the quilt did call for something else.... so a soft value music stamp works for me.
Now to pack up!!!!

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Something New... A quilted Giclee

 Some remember I created an oil painting  that I liked so before I let it go to it's new owner, I had fabric giclees made... small ones... like 12" x 12".  I had some done on cotton, some silk.  I'm quilting the cotton one first.  It's amazing how many hours go into this square foot... 8 so far.
I found quilting this small piece offered more freedom than my usual larger pieces. Nonetheless, I began by securing with monofilament... an extra fine one at that. More colored threads to follow.

Having that done, I chose to figure out the background as I already have a fair idea what's happening with his mane. Since the original oil painting background was predominately red with soft in and out of focus black on outer perimeter , I chose to quilt the blacker areas with a very dark red.. in almost a map topography /echo pattern... followed by bright red thread in remaining background areas.

Starting to quilt in  the mane

Looking fair
hours later... ready to bind.  Apologies for less than normal details as I go along.... I'm on a deadline.... Tomorrow is Road to Ca. I've delivered my teaching materials to the hotel... now to arrive plenty early tomorrow a.m. to get things off the floor and on to tables ( there were none earlier.)  I learned some things I'll do differently on the next  image.. perhaps silk next time.

Monday, January 13, 2014

Next QN Magazine

Nice honor.  When you receive or purchase your ( FEB. issue) Quilter's Newsletter later this month , check out the back page of honor titled Photo Finish.  My friends will notice it's my "Best Friends" quilt from this last year.  Thank You Quilter's Newsletter.

( Sorry I can't show the whole thing.... That would be wrong! It's their magazine. )
Note: The photo reference for this piece was approved for  interpretative use by photographer Tomas Spangler.

Monday, January 6, 2014

Organizing after 13 years

I began art quilting over a dozen years back.... and like many... just kept adding to the fabric stash and art supplies. I've been at this studio location 7 years now and the "back room was a disaster so I've been organizing, tossing, etc for days.  I replaced some rolling warehouse carts that didn't quite work with some  48" W x 72" chrome shelves. First time I've had all my " yet to begin kits' and UFOs in one place. EEK!

It's all LOOKING like I'm organized whether I fully am or not.

 Th biggest laugh of my day came when I took out one of those multi colored rolling shelf units I bought very early on.   I began removing dyno labels but when I got to the bottom drawer ( appx 14"deep x 10"wide x  3" high),  I cracked up.  I guess I actually thought I'd not have much in the way of unfinished projects

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Here We Go Again...

WELCOME 2014!  I'm counting on you delivering good news to all quilter's! Deal?