Sunday, May 29, 2016

A mere FEW Retreat Pics

I work pretty hard at my teaching retreats... on the move all the time and little breaks to photograph works in  progress. I captured a few.... sooooo cool to see peoples growth and well just having fun counts too.  I'm lucky to have a great group of people that keep coming back.... 

 First time student Robin Halliday nailed this one and is on a second painting!   WOW!.
 Michelle H's portrait work is spectacular. Cute boy and HAT!
I'm so proud of Cindy T. ....  This guy is in progress here.  He's BIG!
Diana's sunset scene makes you want to go to this lake.
 Janmarie Halliday is well on her way to creating a spectacular piece.  She's such a talent... She could teach this class.
Lynnita's sweet angel Olivia has had a spectacular year... Made it through heart surgery and is growing .  This painting is just the beginning of a grand plan. ;-D

 Diane is going great things these days....   talk about growing skills quickly. I so love it   ( c) .
 Our dear Mr Tinsley is definitely the leader of his puppy pack. They adore him and likewise in return.
Coming from Native American heritage, dear friend Terri  is one her way to another spectacular image. Oh how fun this would be to quilt!

Diane Kubiak  brought a slightly out of focus, monochromatic print of her father from his commercial fishing days. It's a real challenge working from a limited reference photo... but I think we got the feel of him and his work. 

I think sometimes people think I'm nuts with such a variety of subjects all being painted at the same time.  I can't imagine doing it any other way....   This because I don't want anyone telling ME what to do.... so why would I???     Happy painting and quilting to all.  Apologies for all the images I missed getting a snapshot!     Til next time.   By the Way.... I have sooo many  requests in hand for next year, I'm negotiating a second session date.  'Should have some news next week...  Patt

Saturday, May 28, 2016

Deadlines are SOOO Motivating!

Needed to get this quilted post haste.  The top is a simple disappearing 9 patch with 30s fabrics.    I'm starting to do some quilting for hire.... both custom and edge to edge.

I love this quilting pattern ( called "Steamed Up") ... It feels like fluffy clouds and begs for someone to cuddle up under it.

Friday, May 27, 2016

Oh What Fun!

This years  Painted Quilt Art retreat was nothing short of spectacular... So many wonderful, talented people who enjoyed being and growing together. This event has become an annual getaway for many!
So we picked a great weekend... ! The Wine and Balloon Festival was on with some dozen balloons directly surrounding our venue. The sounds of fire breathing dragons were everywhere.  I must also admit we had our own wine and cheese event  on the covered patio.   So sweet!
Atop that, we had a great visit from a local friend  Jan who brought in 2  seven week old Eurasier puppies.  Were they not already spoken for (and soon to leave the 'nest'), there would have been some checkbooks opened and drained.  These are a highly protected European breed.
 One of the BOYS!
                                                I think TEDDY BEAR!!  Don't you?!

Sooo much great work created... I captured  only a few as I am usually on the move working around the room.  I related to the following cartooned work about corporate restruct. I've been through it  and so have many I know.   "Dawn does follow the dark!" 
                                                              SITTING DUCK


More serious work was done as well  but I needed to get something fun out here now.

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Gettin' ready for my Annual Retreat in Beautiful Temecula, Ca

My once a year Painted Quilt Art Retreat begins this Friday and for fun... I have created  another optional drawing for attendees.  Most students bring something of their own to paint and yet sometimes... some want to pick up something NEW of mine. ( I have about 8 drawings options I bring)   So this year... I've been collected bird images for a while.... and decided to place them atop a 30s quilt fabric . . Of three birds... I love this little one the most.... He's sort of exclaiming.... Look at MEEE!!!!
This is fun to paint...   the birds are easier than one might think.... and the quilt even easier as the 30s fabric patterns were simple and fun... I made up a few NEW old 30s fabrics ' just for fun. ' Markers made the fabric patterns a near cinch.  I'll quilt it eventually  but painted is plenty good for class.  Next years retreat dates are posted at see the link on the sidebar)  and reservations can be made by contacting me (

Sunday, May 15, 2016

A house for someone in transition

I'm not strictly an art quilter... One of my friendship groups ( The Wanabe Quilters.. a bit of a joke as they've been together quilting  for over 25 years.. I've been with them about 15) sometimes takes on a philantropy project... this time ... 'house' quilts for several transitioning to "new to them" places to live.  Last weekend I put together several finishing kits for 3 house quilts  beyond what you see here.  I got this first one quilted and bound and on its way.  Others in the group will be participating but for now I must give KUDOs to our leader/instigator  Phyllis Reddish,  plus Hilary Field, Carol Pankow ( house-block builder extraordinaire), and Mary Lou Ripper.

Monday, May 9, 2016

What goes on In Auburn... Stays in Auburn(Ca)

What fun we had at a 4 day Painted Quilt Art retreat hosted by Whistle Stop Quilt Shop of Auburn , Ca.     There were no wall flowers at this event.  Some were scared of this art thing on day 1.... but look at them by day 4... party animals!

So many great works I apologize I didn't catch them all....   I was a kinda busy teacher!
Shiela Lindquist  is working on a yet second piece... each one done with precision and quiet confidence...    She just DID it! Impressive!
 Lynn is a kayak enthusiast . This image done from a photo from one of her Kayak trips. BTW.. Lynn is the smiling/ posing gal on the floor pic above.
 Nancy Cremarosa  approached her ink painting somewhat like a china painting...   Gorgeous!

 Laura Vogel had never painted but captured this bird spot on.  Her secret... she did a practice first as a learning opportunity... then the real deal followed!
Leslie Rodrick tackled this 'cousin' to a violet combining reference photo knowledge with her own drawing.She had this quilted before class was done ( no pic sorry) and it looked spectacular with  even simple monofilament quilting.
Ruth Shields had to keep an eye on me as I loved / coveted this rooster. So cool!  
 Are these not cute birds? ...  I feel their soft feathers. Karin Polli did this one plus 2 more of which  I missed the photo op! :-(
Joyce Smith  has a granddaughter with incredible , fun curly hair.  
 Sharon Morris and I met awhile back  in Modesto. She is a serious art quilter and is using inks to create a hard stone/brick archway  for a mixed media quilt yet to  come.  NICE!!!!   Lots of patience in this lady!
 This beauty painting belongs to Lynda Lasich. The Kitty named "Sally Ride" got her name the very week Lynda adopted her... the astronaut name came with the kitty's first week LEAP downward from the second floor. Sally Ride survived that leap and another 21 years.

Now... My hostess Candy Brown has quite an appreciation of the Sons of Anarchy.  She tackled a most difficult monochromatic piece that I'd say is looking GOOD.  We all sure had fun kidding around about this BAD BOY HUNK !  Congrats and thanks Candy... and special thanks to Suzanne   ( owner- WhistleStop Quilt Shop) 

Saturday, May 7, 2016


Two of my closest friends live in Southern California.... within 40 miles of me.  The strange thing..... we all had to be on vacation in the same place ( Cabo San Lucas) to plan and have dinner together.  Life is just too fast!  L-R Karon Cornell, Laurie Lyon, Larry Lyon, muah,  my hubby Ray Hughes , and behind the camera Will Cornell.  Such a sweet time!