Saturday, November 15, 2014

Houston Int'l Art Favorites

I had a busy year....nothing of mine in this show but for the auction piece for Libby Lehman Medical Fund. By the way.... the group earned over $72,000. for Libbys family for her continuing medical bills.
I had about 30 mins to tour quilts... here are but a few...

 Now... for some spectacular quilts.... click on any photo for enlarged images.

An Art Abstract 1st Place Winner "Hurricane"  from The Netherlands

From Empty Spools this spring.... Jan Reed....   click on photo to see detail.... '''those eyes''''
Congratulations Jan!!!! 
Always a favorite... Hollis Chatelain
1st Place Painted Surface....  

Sooo many people ( self included) happy to see this exquisite David Taylor piece win a $5000. award. Yeah David!

Revolution #9

Fruit Salad

 I could feel the cold ice beneath this wolf.  Brrrrr!!!
and finally Best Of Show!

Monday, November 10, 2014

The Face of Father Christmas

In but a few hours I am on the road to Auburn, Ca for a lecture and  tuesday class with Foothill Quilters.  Our one day class is full, and much fun to have. To maximize productivity, we will start class with an already fabric painted face of Father Christmas. I've painted 20 over the last few days so we'll be ready to work on his coat and surroundings.  Here, I'll post a progression of one painted face so students can review the process if they would like. The size of his actual face is about an inch and 1/2 wide so these are really up close  photos of a wee small face.

As always, I begin with a black and white line drawing underneath fabric I can see thru.  While i NEVER place inks on my piece as I work, I have here for photo reference only.  Tsukineko Ink 95 is applied to face area.
Once the face ink is bone dry, we can add add'l features.  With Fabrico marker 152, using the very fine tip of the brush tip end, a partial outline of the eye socket, edge of nose, and nostrils.
The round tip end of Fabrico Baby Blue marker adds the iris.
Very dry brush #52 ink begins to give contour to his face.

Very dry brush #33 ink provides rose pink cheeks. Don't fear.. these cheeks won't stay this pink!
Poppy red Fabrico Marker 114 adds lips
Before I add any more detail, I need to be 100% certain every area is dry so my work is either heat set with an iron... or I need use my heat dryer that throws out a hot bullet of air.   Careful not to scorch the fabric.

Now I can use Fabrico marker 182 to add pupils to the eyes
..and Fabrico marker 155 (truffle) to darken only the upper eye lid.
Again with all ink dried... I can add # 80 white highlights to the eyes, and the lower lip
and finally...dry brush #80  highlights to rosie cheeks and tip of his nose.
Now we are ready for the in-class fun.

Monday, October 27, 2014

999 Quilt Inspirations PLUS 1

Sandra Siders new book is soon to be out. It includes one of my pieces as well as 999 others.

you can purchase copies at (Quarto Publishing's website)


Friday, October 24, 2014


UPDATE:   Amount raised : $70,324.00
Bidding is over and the bank has a big deposit for Libby Lehmans  medical fund. ..
 THANKS to over 30 artists who contributed and EVERYONE who bid and bought!
 Benefit Bidding fundraiser for Libby Lehman.

click here   to go to

Father Goes To Houston

I am teaching the father Christmas Class next Monday at Houston International... The student image is more like 24" x 20".. but I will demo as we go a miniature version (last class demo finished up here)
Limited details find their way on  THIS Fathers Coat.. but the larger students coat can tell a BIG story of their life using sketches ( I bring some)... stamps used as rubbing plates... and on and on. So Fun!
Students start out with a face I pre-painted  on fabric. That allows much more time to PLAY with their own fun story.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Step By Step Birdie

Breaking a painting down to steps makes it not so ominous. So thats the plan here.  A contour drawing is laid beneath fabric to be painted. This fabric is #3940 Stonehenge. It's a light value mottled fabric which adds a bit of texture/interest.  The challenge?... seeing the drawing beneath.... It's there though and a light box could help if needed.... just be aware that a light box makes all your marks ( even dark ones) appear lighter than true value.
First... a simple marker sketch to get a feel for the area to be painted
adding some interesting abstract area at the bottom 
some sketched in color in the negative space...  
I'm not concerned about the blotching here as this area will be densely quilted.
Using a black Fabrico marker... I sketched in selected areas of black outline...
added yellow to the breast area... then starting the blue wings.  

The same blue that filled the wings was used to lay a soft transparency atop the upper yellow breast and ofcourse created a green tint to add a bit of interest. 
'Have now added black fill on the bird and once dry a bit of white on the face. Then, a  soft yellow here and there in the background. Almost done! 
A hint of lavendar added in the upper area.. Finishing up supportive borders and ready to quilt. 
Sometimes as they say... Less is More....   The interesting mottled background called for less painting than on a pure white surface.  

Monday, October 20, 2014

A Robin for Houston

Whenever I'm scheduled to do an extended demo ( I'll be in Open Studio next Friday morning at Houston International )... I warm up in advance doing a small a painting..  this being a new piece of a sweet robin in the snow. I had yards of this exquisite sateen used in the border. There is not much more gorgeous than quilted sateen.  This piece is fairly small ( 14.5" square)  and  because of the overall small size... you will see I was able to somewhat disproportionately quilt.
Simple wave lines in upper background.  The bird merely needed to be secured to the double layer of batting designed to give a bit of stability to the overall piece.
Tiny bubble circles in darker snow bank areas
What to do with the border was a challenge til I decided a real feather-like  fill would work. Easy and pretty quick.
Hope to see you in Houston this next week AND please take a look at the Libby Lehman auction addressed in the previous post.