Friday, February 5, 2016

Love the Birdies

Quilting in The Desert student Pam Jordan from Oregon has what one might call a catbird seat in the top floor of her home. Just outside her window are routine bird shows which ofcourse Pam photographs. Because her home is on a large parcel of land, birds love it there. It's both their and her sanctuary.  Just a couple of Pam's class  fabric paintings shown here. So neat! (c) pls. do not copy images without approval of painter.
 I've never seen a hummingbird sitting still.
 Congratulations Pam !!

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

North to Alaska

Last week at Quilting In The Desert , student Keats Scott ( great name) tackled an ink painting on fabric that honored her memorable trip to and photograph of this charming waterfront Alaskan town. Everyone in the class wanted to take a trip to see this in real life.
Keats has a keen eye for detail.  A great photo became a great painting! The soft reflections on the water draw one in for sure. Great job Keats.

(c)  please do not copy image without approval of painter
Keats and I have been chatting about how to quilt this piece.  Her still water is so magnificent, quilting might seem a distraction. We've discussed  her misty fusing the water area and not quilting it at all.

Monday, February 1, 2016

QUILTING In The Desert

 For those wondering why the heck I hadn't posted in a couple weeks...One has to be a detective in this world of technology. The mystery of being locked out is solved...a new and different browser was required and I 'am loaded and back in business;-D

What an absolute joy!!! 5 days of painted quilt art with lovely women from both the U.S. and Canada... all in our classroom at Four Points Sheraton- Phoenix-South. I can't adequately express the total pleasure of this experience... 'such brave, adventurous, and prolific artists. THANK YOU to Ginny and Lynn Goodbar  AND Ginny's 3 sisters for pulling off a great quilt camp. Sooo many great pieces created. I will  only post photos only when given permission by the artist.  We had abstracts, landscapes, portraits, travel and outdoor recreation pictorials.  One abstract shown here...

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Portrait Warmup

I'm getting ready for next weeks week-long Painted Quilt Art class in Phoenix, Az. with "Quilting In The Desert!"   This length of class affords me time to do a demo portrait and I am always looking for a new challenge rather than relying on past fabric ink portraits.  A throwaway local magazine carried a photo of an adorable young girl.  As long as I am merely using this image for a personal refinement/ learning opportunity, it should be fine to use. Lest I contact the photo owner for permission, what I would NOT do is use this image in a finished portrait piece for public sale or competition.

 So I did a 30 minute unfinished portrait to to bring human portrait skills back in focus ( I often paint wildlife)   I like to  go for soft... almost  pastel chalk-look paintings of people... all using ink on fabric.
This is certainly a cute little girl.... I loved her happy eyes in dark shadow and 'am always challenged painting an open mouth. An open mouth generally calls for emphasis on the opening rather than the lips... the open area of the mouth would be the darkest area. As to teeth... you may hint at edge shape, but may not want to define each tooth ( alas the Dracula effect is easily achieved).  
Click on photo for enlarged view

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Exploring a White Knight!

Okay... so I haven't posted since just before Christmas. A fifteen day cruise gift from hubby  occupied my would be creative time but for 2 small pieces painted on the small desk in my stateroom.  I've been wanting to take on another equine piece as horses are such beautiful art on legs!
 The black and white contour drawing put down flat with fabric atop and here we go. I try to get the eyes in right away so the animal comes alive.  Some basic facial features are all that's painted here. The rest you see is the under fabric contour drawing. I will sometimes do a small version of a piece ( to work out the kinks) and then a larger version...likely to be done on this image.

Now a bit more detail starts to creep in:
and finally a breathtaking mane.   This is a white horse on white fabric and I wanted to keep this soft and monochromatic.... so the lightest of grays was introduced into the background. Values are relative to what's around them so even this light gray is darker  than the horse thus the white horse looks more white than if the background were left  pure white.
                                                (C) copyright Patt Blair
Finally home to quilt and finish.  Mostly white threads , some taupe, and light gray.. all 40 wts.
Quilting the horse  motifs came pretty natural... sweeping slightly curved lines with graceful beginnings and endings wherever possible.  The background brought a new challenge. I needed something more than a knock down filler.... it would be boring to do that. So I settled on an alternate fill/no fill pattern on parallel wavy lines moving horizontally.  Sometimes things work out!  Click on photos for enlarged view.
                                                        (C) copyright Patt Blair

Friday, December 18, 2015

Lucky Boots Gifted today

I am so excited.  Each December in my friendship group, we draw secret pal names for next Christmas. We make whatever we want them to have.  It's so fun planning and making something for someone and actually keeping it a secret for 12 months....  Today late morning, I will present this uniquely designed art piece for Indiana-born ( thus the sunflowers), would-be cowgirl ( thus the boots)  to friend Janmarie Halliday who happens to also love the color turquoise.  She's getting a long awaited sewing room within the month and she just might need an art quilt to display.  So... this is designed for her... painted with pigments inks.. and quilted.  All the luck from the horseshoe door hinge is going straight to the foot of her lucky boots.  Hope she likes it!   I'd love to have those boots myself!

In beautiful AUBURN, CA- 4 nights lodging, 11 meals, and 4 days class with Patt

The very progressive Whistle Stop Quilt Shop (' love their name)  has invited me  to teach a 4 day Painted Quilt Art Retreat in  beautiful Auburn California. Might be a good Christmas gift to self to sign up. I love this retreat format as students can come home with a completed project... (YEAH!)   Take a look and all have a wonderful Holiday... Me?... I'm sneaking off to Hawaii. Good Idea huh?!

PAINTED QUILT ART with Patt Blair 

Dates:  April 18, 2016 - 
check in 2p.m. to April 22 - check out 10a.m.

 paint one of my drawings ( example) 

or work from EZ drawing Button 
(actually tracing) to have an original subject you want! 

Mercy Center Auburn
535 Sacramento St.
Auburn, CA  95603

Fee:  $575 - includes 4 nights lodging, 11 meals & 4-day workshop

Sponsored by Whistle Stop Quilt Shop

Prospective students can contact us as we have the retreat contract, payment info, and supply list, etc. 

 For contract with the venue .... Initial Registration thru Whistle Stop required by 12-31-15
click here to go to their website and give them a call if interested. 

 Owner - Suzanne Maguire
Whistle Stop Quilt Shop
13342 Lincoln Way
Auburn, CA  95603