Thursday, June 23, 2016

A Gift Worth Giving

Have you ever made a quilt specifically planned for giving, but had trouble giving it away?  So I planned to make a gift a Baby Quilt for a dear friend...  Got the top done in early May ( making it was fun) ... then quilted... now 'TIMES UP'... Time to let these happy Owls take flight.
 Please excuse this description, but every one of these little guys is a "HOOT"
It seems to me a cute Owl Quilt should be accompanied by a good Owl Book, and a baby owl stuffed animal.
Okay... It's been wrapped and in the car for 3 days.... I must deliver it soon. 
 6-24-16 UPDATE: I delivered  yesterday and believe I got the biggest hug I've ever received.   Happy Baby! 

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Devoted To Diana

 One of the joys of my Painted Quilt Art Retreat in May was the inclusion of new student Diana Bicknell.  This is Diana's dog Lexie who was lost this year at 14 years old. Lexie helped Diana through  breast cancer treatment. She wouldn't leave Diana's side on really bad days. So, Diana did the same with her on her bad days. Such a touching story of mutual devotion. Animals are such a gift from our Creator. 

This painted Quilt will hang in Diana's house as a reminder of her devoted friend. 
One of the things Diana has done extremely well  especially for a new painter is to see and project value change. Likewise Diana has added interest and depth to this piece through her varied use of greens.  
I know Diana was pondering how to border. I somewhat think this piece is so powerful, that a border isn't requited.    Beautiful work Diana!   

Friday, June 10, 2016

Retirement Planning

Here's the beginning of a totally fun creativity journey using mostly Kaffe Fassett fabrics.  I'm about 1/3 way through the fusing process and now will need add some other softer value flowers and foliage, etc  There's so many little pieces to work on having limited space at my vacation spot.  I'll hold up on this til I get home as I'm lucky enough there to have a custom BIG Board ironing board that fits a 30 x 60 table... so  there I can design and fuse on the same surface. This is like broderie purse on steroids....   It will either require a lot of quilting to hold edges or maybe even a netting overlay.  Will see.  Looks fun, huh?  May need to do a class on this.  Pattern is titled Flaura by Fiber Worksinc.

Thursday, June 9, 2016

My Hubby Has Wings!

It's "The Good News" for him.  First... Ray, a daily runner since age 14, has long spoken of creating such an image as this in glass. It's done and he is pleased with the result.  The skin tones in this stained glass were fussy cut to put shadows in the 'right' places. He loves and has adopted the quilters term of "fussy cutting."
This man I love marches ( 'or runs') to his own drum... and leaves late this week for a 3 week  backpacking walkabout in Australia.  I pray for his safety and return .. yep...I'm a worry wart wife,  but in my defense not without cause, he came home severely injured summer before last. Enough said!

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Maybe Next Visit...

I've been to Sedona dozens of times but never before came across this small engaging quiet boutique hotel... How sweet it is!.... El Portal sits adjacent to Los Abrigados Timeshare resort... But oh so quiet and sweet.This is the main entrance to El Portal .
Walk through the shadowy entrance to a lush open courtyard. 
They do serve breakfast/lunch to the public too. Next visit I think. 

On this visit we shared lunch at Oak Creek Brewery and Grill at Tlaquepaque  (
check this out
A microbrewery beer tasting of seven unique beers.... plus a tray of flatbread ,veggie, grapes, strawberries, orange slices,  (brie/bleu/swiss) cheeses. Delicious!!! We shared it all and were stuffed  still bringing  plenty of fruits and cheese back 'home'  

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Disappearing in Sedona

Once a year a gal pal of mine( Laurie)  and I  travel to Sedona, AZ  for a week of chilling and sewing, and  just whatever. We do what we call traveling alone together staying in adjacent timeshare units on the banks of Oak Creek. Sweet!!!  Ofcourse, we shop, go out to lunch, etc together but back at home turf' do whatever we wish,   Sooo Sew beautiful!  I'm starting work on the most simple pieced quilt .. I needed some almost mindless sewing !!!!   So here goes the Disappearing Nine Patch which requires no written pattern and in this case... not even cutting out fabric as I'm using Moda's  mixed selection of 5 inch squares in  contemporary charm backs. ( 'Basic Mixologe' - with colorful focus fabrics and  background fabrics from "Behind The Scenes' pack offering  lighter value greys and taupes. The process is so simple it's just fun.  First .. a  slightly perplexing looking sewn nine patch with 5 focus, 4 background fabrics.
 CUT VERTICALLY AND HORIZONALLY  at the mid point of the block's center . In this case... the remaining background squares are 4 1/2 "  side seam to side seam... so the split cut is made 2 1/4 " in from side seam edge.
Now time to re-position  2 diagonal squares.   I chose to re-position the  bottom right sub-block to the top left and vice versa. Some chose to merely rotate 180 degrees in same sub block position.. Your call !
Finally re-stitch  together and press....    Yahoo simple is that.  
 My quilt will be made up of 20 blocks (each made up of  different fabrics)  and likely a small border. How easy is that? You won't see the end of the quilt here...  This will call for 3 sets of charm packs and ofcourse, I brought 2 sets with me. Apparently I needed a vacation!

Sunday, May 29, 2016

My talented Artist Hubby

One of the many reasons I was attracted to  Ray ( my hubby) is that he's a busy  and interesting guy. He is leaving in 2 weeks on a walkabout in Australia ( backpack... hostels, etc)  and  upon his return he hopes to offer the following stained glass in an Arizona Gallery. One of the reasons Ray was interested in me is I have a ton of art supplies/ he can borrow MY stuff!  ;-D
Well, there may have been other reasons, but whatever the case, it all works well for us. A few pics of recent stuff.. pretty reasonably priced as I see it. Contact (( if interested in any of these items. All come framed in either metal or wood edges with closed chain affixed top left and right.  Click on photo for enlarged view.
Ray is also a lifelong runner .. Everyday.... at least five miles.  Runner's High... 22 5/8" x 17 1/4" $300.
My personal favorite.... Mountain Sunrise ( 20" x 19.5") $385 ... includes multiple varieties of near clear  textured glass . We put the original in our front door. Love it!
We are surrounded by jays in this mountain canyon.   Noisy Jay - 18.25" x 20"   $270.   The darker perimeters( beyond the clear glass seen here are actually reflections of the rock canyon walls beyond the clear rippled glass. 
The most complicated piece ( most pieces  and challenging  glass cuts) is this Fire Dragon  ( 13.25" x 23.5 ")  $280     Dragon is surrounded by opaque BLACK glass.
 Merlin is quite a guy... The 'crystal ball' in the center significantly changes what is viewed through it.   Again.... the rock walls of the canyon appear beyond the rippled clear glass on the perimeter.  This is the largest of pieces shown... is framed in hardwood... $350
Lastly ( for now at least) a small sweet red rose surrounded by black glass. 8.75" x 12"  $85.00
Dare I say he is in his studio working on yet another right now.