Sunday, March 19, 2017

Honoring Diana's Sea Star

 How gorgeous and alive is this???!!!!!

Dear student from my last years retreat... Diana Bicknell's Sea Star quilt took second place at the Gem Of The Ocean Art Quilt Show in Oregon!!
The show juried in about 100 quilts from 5 different countries. 
Diana was just thrilled to be juried in .... and then..... she was surely even more thrilled when she learned her Sea Star won second place and some nice prize $.   
She used  Tsukineko inks and the pens on the quilt to make it look 3D. 
Congratulations Diana.... you deserve it... it's  stunning  :-) 
Hugs... Patt 

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Never Give Up !!!!

From the bulletin board of a new friend!  Amen!

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

So Thankful for San Diego Friendship Quilters

What a wonderful world it was this last weekend.  We did 2 workshops and a guild lecture ( laugh session) across the weekend and Monday evening this week. Carol Kaplan was my program host extraordinaire. THANK YOU Carol.  Hope Campbell let me stay in her B and B room. Lots of help at the guild meeting too.. Thank you Mary Tabar, Wendy Mathieson, and many more. Life was pretty sweet for me this weekend. Thank You ALL.

 Sunday was a skill builder workshop called The Filling Station  where new filler motifs were tried  and those that  students liked would hopefully be applied  in their own work.  I don't usually show student work from this session as I wanted all to be free to try things without judgement/concern.  Click here if you wish to see what this class is about ( scroll down to the Quilters Filling Station entry).   Such fun/great students Sunday. THANK YOU ALL!!!!

Monday was a MEDIA MIXER with every students work different than another. Collaging to fabric, stamping, stenciling, etc.   So fun!
Here are a few I was able to catch as the day ended...

This happy piece was created by Gloria Muano...

I can't wait to see this fully finished. This is in the early design stage with pieces loosely placed where they will be put down permanently. Carol Kaplan has  calligraphy phrasing to add at home.  I love this neutral palette.
Here, Carol Kaplan and Elaine Swatnicki stand with Elaines finished collage. That was Monday afternoon.
Already I received a photo of her  quilted/ finished work.  AMAZING!  These collages each tell a story. So nice. I apologize I didn't get all photographed.  These make wonderful personalized gifts.

This piece was designed with a granddaughter in mind. . . One who longs to go to Paris.  I bet she gets to go. ;-D

There's quite a romantic feeling here... definitely a love of nature. 

You know there's an interesting story behind this fun piece 
Thanks to all who made my time so memorable. 
 If you'd like to more about this class, click here to go to and scroll to Media Mixer.

Saturday, March 4, 2017

Change is Coming! Thursday the 9th

Just a heads up for thursday Mar. 9th, ...  the hosting server for my web site/mail will change to a new company next Thursday.  If you have difficulty getting to my  web site or email... it is likely because the transition is in progress  as multiple direction servers around the web learn the new server location to direct queries and mail..   THANKs all...    You know this makes me nervous even though I've checked/ communicated  with the new hosting company a bunch.   Students  urgently looking for various one day class descriptions and supply lists may click here to go directly to

Friday, February 3, 2017

Houston International Teaching Nov 2017

Great news today. Signed my contract to teach the following at Houston this November:
Wed Nov 1 Painting With Inks 
        includes this plus many other options including your own creation...

Thu  Nov 2     Morning ( 9-12) Machine Quilting Forum
Thu  Nov 2     Afternoon (2-5) Mixed Media Forum-Drawing and Painting For Those that Don't
Fri    Nov 3  Santa's Secret ( a fun Santa portrait)

Sat.  Nov. 4 The Filling Station ( a skill building class on free motion..beginning and intermediate)

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

The Filling Station at Road

Another great fun class for skill building free motion.  I've come to see all quilting motifs as either  visually stabilizing, harmonizing, or moving your eyes around your quilt.  Sometimes a mix of types is fun and effective. In  this class, students in learning marked  their motifs first..  some  motifs eventually  can be done without marking.... but this is a good way to skill build.  I saw people who had never quilted a feather create a beauty!
Here's an example of a marked curved fill
First stitching the larger curved divisions
Coming back in to fill the smaller curves. 
We also marked  and ultimately stitched a victorian feather 

The end result included horizontal rows of motifs that 1) visually stabilized... (mostly straight and box-like motifs)  2) harmonized ( that would be curvy stuff) and moved your eyes ( like angles)

This gave students a reference library of differing motifs they knew how to do... and which they could use to choose motifs that send the message they wish on new quilts. I am again teaching this class March 12th  2017 for/with San Diego Friendship Quilters.  Seems a perfect companion to "Media Mixer" ( previous post). 

Mixing It Up at Road To Ca

When I first came to Art Quilting, a wise person said... try most anything on fabric... It just might work.  That's exactly what students did in my Media Mixer Class at Road. Colorful napkins, kleenex, japanese and other handmade papers, tissues, stamps, stamped blotting tissues,  Wasi tape, etc... were used with an adhesive  art medium to adhere images to fabric to tell a unique story.  I brought lots of things for students to play with plus some brought  things of their own.  Fun was had by all.... Here a a couple of images from students work.    So fun!
Here, a delicate story about a love of all things nature

These mixed media pieces look even better once quilted . I brought this unquilted piece to class and have now added quilting motifs using several thread colors...   Here's the basic progress.
First laying out a likely plan to convey a young ladies  day dreams of wealth, love,  and travels.
Next step.. get images on the background fabric.
Then a stenciled overall image to tie elements together.
Variegated gray thead used to raw edge the varied elements. 
To brighten this piece... I chose a variegated golden/apricot thread for background fill, a purple to outline the stenciled green plus the yellow flowers.

Minimal securing in black of tree trunk and limbs
Black stitch securing of under edge of upper eye lid, outer edge of nose flair, and central line between upper and lower lip.  
I added and stitched in Gold.. a stamping of an initial.. In this case my own to make it more personal. 
Fini !! ;=D 
I am teaching this class  March 13th  for San Diego, Ca's Friendship Quilters Guild.