Sunday, May 20, 2018

Lovely Day at Raincross

What an absolutely fun day with friends ! These friends and so many others enjoyed a quilting showcase, tea sandwiches, desserts in the garden of Raincross Living in Riverside Ca.  Wanabe Quilters member Carol Brodie lives there so both she and her pastime became the focus of the day.   L-R Carol B, Patt Blair, Prudy Andrews, Janmarie Halliday, seated Hilary Field, Karon Cornell, Peggy Huerta, seated Loretta Beaumont. We missed those unable to join in the celebration. ;-(
I've captured but a very few of the  45 showcased quilts.... apologies.. I missed pics on so many gorgeous quilts.
Here below is muah with "Wanabe Dining"... one of the groups favorite things... our monthly gathering for fun and lunch at a members home.  This quilt is a silly representation of each member dining around a colorful table... our placemats?... the silver Nordstrom boxes  in which we often stored UFOs. 

When someone gets married ... we offer up a happy  quilt and a party... In this case for Laurie Lyon who missed the  quilt show day vacationing in Cabo San Lucas. Poor baby! 

This is Karon Cornell's Christmas gift to her first year secret pal... Laurie.  Spectacular!  Karon is rightfully proud of this piece.. and hint  to Laurie... please will it back to her.   ;-D 
I was moving too fast for a good photo  of "My Circle of Friends" but this is one of my favorite quilts made by Phyllis Reddish.  This Friendship group is 27 years old...    We won't quit !! ;-D 
 Two members, Carol Brodie and Carol Culbert  designed and made this mini quilt. The pattern was later enlarged for both wall and full  bed size and became the opportunity quilt for North Cities Quilt Guild in Placentia, Ca... NOT once... but twice over the years.. ( I bought $280.00 worth of tickets and didn't win.. argh!) A beautiful quilt, indeed

Phyllis Reddish is masterful and prolific.  This joyful Christmas appliqué is one of many spectacular holiday quilts. 

Such a great day... thank you Raincross and especially their staff lead Lauree who made everything happen! ( I spelled it right Lauree! yeah) 

My last upload... a quilt almost unknown to most of my friends.... "App'd to Paint" was part of a traveling exhibit which returned from France a few mos. back. The concept.. Create an App ( application) quilt 40" square  but for rounded corners. The App should represent who you are.  I'm a painter at heart so... why not paint the paint itself!   Happy Quilting!!!  


Friday, May 18, 2018

Student Work Extraordinaire

Three cheers for Gloria Muano  ( Southern California ) from my April 2018 Painted Quilt Art Retreat  in Temecula.  Next years  April 2019 class/retreat dates, info. appear at

  Here are some of Glorias stellar works from this year:

Top of the list...  one cute flaming red-haired grandson.  Sooo cute.  Looks real to me... Nice job Gloria.
Gloria spent much of her youth on Catalina Island, Ca.  This is her representation of tile work found on the island.  
Fun and simple graphics here... great quilting!  

I'm pretty lucky to find such fearless and fun students.  

Monday, May 14, 2018

Warrior at last

Ever had a year you had more stuff than hours in the day...    This has been one of those with little end in sight.   BUT.... I have one piece finally finished... started last summer...   A challenging floating on a sea of white Native American warrior... 'Tis a beautiful ink rendering on fabric  completed by a long time student and now friend.  Asked to quilt this for her, I was happy to help ... but the age old question for quilters... HOW to quilt it and show off and support the artwork without the quilting distracting.  Lots of fret over this magnificent warrior.

The easy part... the head dress of fur... where thread should not be seen thus monofilament used to create the 'puffs.' 

Parallel horizontal lines somewhat grounded the central image ....  a red satin stitched chevron keeps the viewers eye on the quilt top... ( Thank you Libby Lehman for being and showing how to do this ... years ago class now coming into play) ;-D 

 And lastly some Native American symbols top and bottom finish it off. A warm golden thread micro stipple shows off the symbols without drawing attention.   A peek in the upper right corner shows fabric that likely will become binding.  This is one of  the few times I know binding will add something to wall art piece.
That said... I am still moving from my Claremont studio to my new home.  The longarm move is complete.. yeah.  Now working on the " supplies "( art and fabric, etc) Moving is for the very young. Normalcy will come... but 'tis a few mos.  away. 

Sunday, December 10, 2017

THANK YOU Ricky , Alex, Quilts Inc, and IQA

Bob R from Houston show was so kind to send me this pic last week.  I was so danged nervous at the Houston Intl.  Awards ceremony.   Big deal for me to receive double the pleasure for having BOTH Ricky and Alex present my award sponsored by Class people they are and Ricky was suffering through that smile with knee pain.  Thanks Quilt Show staff (one and all.)

Friday, December 1, 2017

WHERE HAS She Been?!

Beats me!   I'm not dead... not fading away for all time.  I have been teaching... showing work , doing some custom quilting for hire when I could... I'll be back on line once things settle down a bit .  Sometimes life takes turns that consume us.  No pity party here.... just is...   A stepson  diagnosed in May with glioblastoma turned many lives upside down. By the grace of God and love of family, it has brought family members even closer.. in constant collaboration in supporting and dealing! Out of state family hit a different rough spot which took a toll we are dealing with and seeing positive results.  Enough said. I've just had higher personal priorities of late as I'm sure many have.   I just looked up a 2016 instruction I posted  to give a friend and realized  by lack of posting, I seemed to have vanished!! 
Good news nonetheless... My very large White Knight Horse earned a blue ribbon  last month in Houston... and now lives with a new owner in the midwest.  Shock! Nice surprise!   Have a great safe holiday all and give thanks for all the good you have in life!!    Holiday Hugs....   Patt

Friday, August 11, 2017

Loving this Baby Owl

On the same cruise... another painting.. this time a baby owl just out of the nest... on it's own.  Drawing down and covered... the beginnings of this baby begins first thing with his tender left eye... That has to be good so I enjoy the rest of the painting.   I don't think I've painted anything more tedious than the owls body of feathers.  Painting owl feathers is definitely a "Journey" of patience and change.

I can hardly wait to quilt this piece. I can feel the craggy grey/black twigs.
                                             (c) image

Cruising The Waterways with "LaLa"

Sometime back I was given owner permission to paint this gorgeous dog named "LaLa"  I'm doing this on a cruise ship.. Perfect time to relax and paint.
Drawing down, fabric taped over and away we go... first the eyes and face .... then blocked in wet into wet body colors.
 I rather like this unfinished..out of focus look... I may do this a second time and keep it loose.
For this effort, I chose to stay real. "LaLa" painted... now to frame out with a bit of white fabric and gray to keep a fresh clean look.. 
Quilting is back home and so fun.  Wind sweeping upward into the clouds so quilting was too.
I'm using a multi value blue twist... a thread type I seldom use on competitive quilts as the twist can sometimes be interpreted as an irregular length stitch
Overall...looking pretty sweet!