Monday, March 31, 2014

Last Call for Asilomar

Students regularly take my  tiger eyes drawing to a beautiful result such as this one. I think this one was Diedre Bowman who whipped through this piece like she'd been painting forever.
Diedre's long time baby ( dang... I wish I remembered this doggies name)  was captured in a photo looking straight up at "Mama" Diedre.  The background (floor) of this piece is a rubbing done from placing a rugs non slip rubber web beneath the fabric before rubbing w/ a brown ink'd Fantastix from the top side.
Penni Barger captured a photo of this pajama'd Vietnamese man sitting peacefully in a Vietnamese city monument. She beautifully captured his disheveled hair which seems in contrast to his very peaceful demeanor causing the viewer to wonder about who this man is, what he contemplates, and what his life has been like.  A perfect subject to engage the viewer.
This incredible photo surprise came yesterday... It's quilted and now named  "Contentment." Nice job Penni !!!!!   
 Penni also used inks to enhance a fabric piece from another class. Nice addition of shadows and highlights!!!    I'm hungry looking at this fresh fruit. 

Chris Bernarsconi painted and quilted 2 pieces this week. Quite a courageous go getter.  I snapped at least one  photo of her work... here a family member  dressed and adorable as only a grandchild can be.   Too darling!  "Hello Kitty!"

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

It's like a Mom's Brag Book

What a varied collection of images and styles... ALL GOOD!!!! ;-) Again from my  Empty Spools class, Florann Ramsey completed a master work planned for an important gift so 'am reluctant to post just yet.. but this is also her work.. The cat is NOT out of the bag... yet.  too cute.
Marsha Nipper took to these inks like gangbusters.   She had taken an out of car window iphoto of trees swaying in the wind.  This is a lovely.. very watercolor - looking piece.  click on photo for enlarged view.
Michelle Howe also worked on an important challenge quilt image thus not reflected here out of respect for the challenge autonomy.  But as if it was no big deal to achieve... she  also painted this sweet fairy. Nice Michelle.  

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Such Talent at Empty Spools Seminars

My Painted Quilt Art Class pretty much blew me away.... lots of courage and talent .  I'm like a proud mama.

Dede created a triptik of 3 delicious looking pear images. Dede came with a plan... knowing how the 3 pears would be showcased in her home. Kudos!  Click on photos for enlarged view.
She likewise interpreted this bright floral .

Grace G. interpreted aheavily shadowed photo of her hubby John and their now 25 year-old grandson. There are mighty adoring eyes on this young man.  Click on photos for enlarged view.
After the challenging first portrait, Grace quickly created this current day portrait of John. He has truly beautiful blue eyes.  The  above shirt textures were both created with fabric texture rubbing sources placed under the fabric before rubbing the ink-loaded fantastix across the top surface. Slick!!!
I had an abstract drawing that was totally up to Grace on how to paint.  Lots of chances here to use rubbing plates.  I brought a bunch of them for student use.
Quite a prolific painter, I'd say!

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Early Morning on The Asilomar Beach

Before class begins.... a nice time to commune with nature.  So beautiful and peaceful looking west to the Pacific Ocean.
 The boardwalks look like an artist helped in the planning... graceful curves sooth the soul.
A glance  to the east .. the sun and trees overlooking Asilomar grounds and classrooms.  'Pretty close to heaven.  Happy Quilting all!!!

Friday, March 21, 2014

An Incredible Week

 I am finally home from a beautiful week at Empty Spools Seminars.... and have a few pics of some of my students work from this week...  They were mighty productive for sure.  Most all painted more than one piece.  There was even some quilted pieces that went home. Now thats something!!!

So much talent and enthusiasm in one room.   I'll post a few pieces here.  First our birthday girl... what better way to spend a week celebrating with like minded artists.  Kelly owns online notion store. It's quite an extensive product list... lots of cool threads, etc.  Happy Birthday Kelly!
I LOVE Kelly's piece... Is this not a cool hunk of an elephant?!!!! Click on photos for enlarged view.
Kim J. had a  bicycle photograph she had taken in Europe. You can somewhat see the process here... upper left a portion of her 8 x 10 reference photo appears... To it's right... a tracing on acetate of her photographed bike. What is not seen here.. is the enlarged black and white  drawing of her tracing... it's underneath her fabric.  Kim also took a smart and scientific approach to prepping to paint something so intricate...    She did a 'rough draft' of sorts to figure out the challenges ( it's on the right and the photo below.)  Then she painted the real deal.
The rough draft has reminder notes to herself...
Almost finished.  Many professional artists approach new territory this way. Nice job! 
Helen completed 3 pieces... 2 smaller exquisite bird studies. Helen had never painted before... REALLY!  This process and her eye for detail match up beautifully.  Update: Helen's 3 pieces are MIA... Please comment here if you see them anywhere. 
"Pretty bird!" 
Her first piece was larger ( appx 18" x 24" ) of a flower from her yard.  Very nicely done! 
Kim S also had never painted.... Santa has a secret here!
Thanks to Helen for sending me a photo of Kims bunny. Is this not incredible?! 

I'll post more later. For now... I need to get dressed  up and off to a 25th year birthday party for my Wanabe Quilters friendship group.  So much talent in that group for sure. I joined them in July, 2000. What a lucky gal I am to have been invited in. 

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Off To Asilomar for 5 days of Painted Quilt Art.

The car is packed ( I mean really packed) with supplies for Session III at Empty Spools Seminars in beautiful Pacific Grove, California. I think my classroom is in Merrill Hall (below) I can't wait to get there but it is one long drive tomorrow followed by set up and teaching, dinner, and program.

 Good news....  morning, afternoon, and evening beach walks are just outside our doors.

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Happy Viewing/Painting/Quilting!!!!

Monday, March 10, 2014

Multi Flavor Candy Canes

I needed another hour of play today. New bed delivery turned away by sheriffs department managing a car burning on the mountain highway. I know they had to stop people from coming up the mountain but now... 3rd weeks awaiting delivery.  Oh well...  I took a nice bath to calm down and  got this next block ready for stitching.  This free block pattern like the previous is from Quilters Newsletter (.com)   Web Extras- My Christmas Album. This Robert Kaufman stripes( top right)  made yummy looking candy canes .  I think I will want some more of this for binding... too cool.

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Christmas "Party" Album - Hang One On!

A week without a post... unheard of for me... but I have been mighty busy gathering supplies and prepping /mailing  teaching kits for the Cruise to Panama in April ( link on upper left side bar)  AND prepping for  Empty Spools Seminars Session III  beginning next weekend.  'Am teaching at oceans shore just above Carmel, California. Just doesn't get much better!

Still much to do but we all know when we have to stop '''working''' for an hour of play. This is it!
For fun, I have my Wanabe Quilters friendship group from Orange County, Ca  participating in Quilters Newsletters free Christmas Album pattern creation.   Each month I present a new free pattern and a sample of the next months project.  In April, I will be teaching on that cruise  when meeting time comes around so I need get that months sample ready early.  We all chose our own fabric background as well as image fabrics. This will be fun to see the different interpretations at the end.  My Christmas Album ornaments are bright /colorful.... sort of color wheel/ colors of the rainbow idea but there are 7 colors of the Rainbow and this calls for 8 ornaments.  I just added an extra green ornament next to the red one.  It's for Christmas after all.
Go to, click on web extras... then My Christmas Album for the free pattern/s