Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Headed for Auction at Houston International

Many are aware that Houston teachers regularly contribute small projects for Silent Auction at the International Quilt Festival.  Bidder funds go to the organization. I've been doing this pretty regular for many years so I have a fun one for this year...  very different from years past.  Almost every painter paints a pear generally early in their art journey. I seemed to jump over that idea  on my journey so I think I best do so now. This piece now quilted, bordered, bound, and signed is done. ... Now to block back into shape... (ie  evenly spray with water, pull/pin back in place from all the manhandling that occurs in quilting)Air dry nice and flat and remove pins.

I'm filling out the paperwork now.... to send this to Houston tomorrow. 

So Very Special

I'm speechless prompted by receipt of a gift from friend Janmarie, a long time friend and fellow artist. Many know I am an ink painter on fabric ( as is Janmarie). She was so kind and creative to make me  ( for a  painful big "O" birthday) a wool penny rug with ink bottles, etc.  and her own  project's rub cloth pieces on the back of the outer penny circles.
Pretty special... I'm honored!
This now adorns my glass coffee table.. a place of certain honor.

Friday, August 5, 2016

Curves Atop Squares

I swear, I have quilted a bunch of disappearing nine patch quilts... 'This I think the last for a while.
There were so many right angles in this quilt that I thought curves with a little order might enhance the quilt.  I chose "Splendor" by Karen Thompson I think.  Pretty!  Click on photos for enlarged images
 This is the motif repeated  and offset one above another  on each row. Bright fabrics are Modas mixology line sold off the bolt and in charm packs .
This was fun to do though I admit I'm anxious to do some  more custom work now.  See Patt Blair Quilting Link on side bar or click here.

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Paper Towel Ink Painting

While I usually have a black and white contour  paper drawing underneath my fabric before painting.  NOT this time.... It was just an abstract pear so why create a drawing on paper.  Just a paper towel beneath was fun as it introduces a bit if texture in pigment and also gathers some excess ink  underneath since this time... I did no rubbing down of ink. Pure strong color was my goal.

 I was in a mood to work quickly, so a simple general outline of just the pear area ( with a Frixion Pen)  and away I went working with bottled inks and markers.  This was oh so much fun.
Guess it's not too neutral , eh?    Heat set...( away goes frixion markings)  and done but for quilting. 
This will be for a fundraiser later this year. I need some brain time to think about quilting and maybe more importantly some clean looking  small border that will let the viewer's eyes rest.