Sunday, August 31, 2014

A Weekend to Sew.

Therapy at last.  I got 2 1/2 days of time in Temecula, Ca at Vina Lestonnac.. a favorite retreat of quilters.   Okay.. this is a beautiful place surrounded by vineyards and horse ranches.

Thanks to my hubbys daughter and some friends who checked in on him, took him to church, etc.... I got to take care of Me for a couple days. HEAVEN....
This is the third block of 9 from the QN My Christmas Album pattern... I stayed true to the pattern but admit I wasn't crazy about this  one so I used a variety of fabrics  to avoid being serious about this vase of poinsettias. .

Then came ornaments....  made in kind of a color wheel orientation for me. You can see I'm not feeling bound by a Christmas color scheme. 
Then Candy Canes. Why go strictly red and white? 
and HOLLY!
Egads... these snowflakes took forever. 
I've started laying out the sweater borders but had one more block to finish.  
These LITTLE gingerbread guys took a long time. 

and finally... the big picture is done.... using every bold color possible. 
I made this for fun... along with other members of my friendship group the Wanabe Quilters of Orange County Ca.  I can't wait to see everyones put together. For once, I'm a couple months early. 
yeah... a sense of completion.... at least until I'm able to quilt it. 

Moving Forward

There is so much to do in our mountain canyon ( and still with my wheelchair-bound hubby and I living in my studio off the mountain)  A rock slide is destroying my hubby's glass workshop. This  photo is the day after the flood.

The rock slide continues to press downhill tho it will  have to wait til Ray is on his feet and we are back home. 

A large boulder  decided to try a break in to the very back side of the house (the back at the bottom of the steep grade of the mountain).
By the grace of 4  young men from the Mormon Church... I was able to  get a temporary fix til we can get back home. I see new siding in our future. :-) 
The immediate things taken care of. Praise God.

Monday, August 4, 2014

Mother natures fury!

This is today's view from our bedroom window.  The marked car sits atop mud and debris that filled the waterfall pool we have enjoyed prior to the freak flash flood in Mt Baldy, Ca  yesterday afternoon. 4"  in less than an hour brought a wall of water down our narrow canyon. The car here is my neighbors to our uphill left.
The stream bed is usually 8 feet or so below the once walking bridge which washed downstream yesterday. All thats left of the bridge is one steel beam.  Our house is to the left, beyond the covered vehicle that only stayed put because my hubby had 1) built some large stone walls that diverted flood waters, and 2) had his vehicle nose against a big rock wall.  The car in the previous pic was parked just above where the white bulldozer is in this pic.
About a hundred feet further down the canyon was this car. This is the vehicle that contained the  48 yr old visiting hiker that was trying to leave the canyon. He didn't make it. News coverage taking place in this photo.
Most people on the mountain and many in Claremont ( the city at the base of the mountain) know this car. Runr Dad...  Hubby Ray is a lifelong runner... presently in a wheelchair from  a driver hitting him as he walked along a road in Kenya last month.  6 broken bones and 1 unhappy guy.  I couldn't get his wheelchair up the canyon road to our house today. We'd been off the mountain when the storm hit... staying somewhat uncomfortably at my studio while he recovers. This has been an exciting summer to say the least. Lots of outside the house cleanup that will just have to be put on hold.
No quilts lost.