Monday, May 27, 2013

Painted Quilt Art in Temecula - May 2013

Every May since 2008, I've hosted a Painted Quilt Art Retreat in Temecula Ca. Wine and Horse country.  This May produced lots of great work ( what a talented group!!!).  So many worked on large projects this year... That tells me confidence is building .. yeah.  I captured only a few photos on the last day... Dang!  I was hoppin' this year.   Please consider all the following painted images as copy written.  Many thanks to all who attended.. including this cute little bunny outside our classrooms

Diane Hansen ( Chandler AZ) had exclusive approval from a European fairy artist to interpret this piece on fabric. Diane has since completed the outer borders and very likely has the quilt top in quilting mode.  Diane is definitely focused and had a joyful time creating this piece.

 (c) original image under copywrite

Cinde Ebbe is one of the most detailed artists I've met.  You might appreciate this 'Audibon quality' work by clicking on the photo for enlarged view.   Cindy's patience and attention to the smallest detail works perfect in creating such a refined piece. 

 I love the playful/colorful approach to Dee Dee Kelley's in-progress surfboard work.   It actually takes hard work to create this loose fresh feeling.  You are seeing a black and white line drawing appearing through the upper half of the image... and ofcourse the closeup glasses atop the yet to be painted fabric.
A couple photos I took of other work was a bit blurry so not shown... sorry all.   The doors are open to registering for 2014. See the Patts Retreats link on the left.
Attendees... please send me a pic of your finished painting... I'll gladly brag about your work. ;-)

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Completing The Journey in British Columbia, Canada

I've never been this behind blogging... work, illness, all got in the way.  I want to post of few special photos completing our trip to Vancouver Island.   First, the history behind Butchart Gardens.
My hubby fell in love with a tulip called Tulipa....a tight blossom with horn-like petals almost looking like they would produce music in the wind. 

                       Such  beautiful wisteria!
 I did stop by the Empress Hotel to purchase some specialty teas!!! 
I'll post only one more.... not from Victoria as are the above photos, but of this elegant bagpiper from Nainamo BC the previous day...  perhaps a future portrait.

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Everlasting Beauty

Twenty-Five years ago, I visited the world- renowned gardens of Butchart outside Victoria, B.C.   They were beautiful then, and even more beautiful a quarter century later as my hubby and visited last week.  The gardens remain in the Butchart family, and are now for the first time in  it's history managed by a female family member.

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Nope I'm not Dead!

I have been traveling so long... away from wifi..(can you believe it?) . that some of you were starting to worry about what happened. I'm okay and as busy as I've ever been... back in wifi country... this post is to let you know that and also promote the April 2014 Quilting Cruise through the Panama Canal. It should be a great time with several days at sea or as many classes as you want included in the cruise price. You might click on the link shown on the LINK list to go to the World of Quilts Travel  sight for more info.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Think I'm done with Mel

The 16 x 20  oil painting began in Sedona is now complete... well at least I'm finished working on it.  I 'think'  model Mel would generally approve but I am far from mastering this medium. Mel's hair was plain fantastic.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Meeting Lauren

Day 2 called for all artists to change locations in the room so as to view today's model from a different angle. ( I thought yesterday was a challenge... just wait Patt!)
In prep for a value sketch, meet Lauren sitting straight across from a room wide sliding window set up.  Morning light was pretty nice and I was able to do a value study on paper.   I have to give myself permission to not go back and 'fix' small details as this is NOT a finished paper sketch drawing nor could be given the time allotted.. I must remember this is a value and shape study more than anything else.
Ofcourse, I'm wanting to see an exact likeness given my usual approach to things. Message to self... Lighten up Patt!

Here's the instructors demonstration of the artist from a different perspective.

The afternoon pose set... a sketch attempted.( I failed to photograph mine as I was frustrated big time.) I had a heck of a time this day... trying to squint and see details in the afternoon window light glare. Squinting for me causes multiple images.. No help! Too much astigmatism and eye surgeries over the years.  This is the kind of thing that makes people want to quit ( it did cross my mind too).   Several artists around me were frustrated though for some unflattering reason gave me a  bit of comfort if not progress.  Nonetheless, beautiful young Lauren was a pro.
Instructor  Gretchen helped me a bit and I got back on track so the end of the 2 hour paint session gave me a decent path toward an overall painting I must work on when time permits. When you know you only have 15- 20 minutes more.. you take chances and get moving QUICK...

 Class over.... Headed out for a well-earned margharita!!!