Thursday, July 26, 2018

Headed to Houston

The Annual Teacher Donation Auction for  this Novembers IQA Festival....   a small sweet bird....

 Framed in sateen.

Very Fun MUG RUG

I'm not often enthralled with the Mug Rug Idea....    'but  here I saw a great THANK YOU opportunity for a welcome lady at our new 55+ HOA community. I know Joan is a coffee drinker and wanted to thank her for the hour+ she spent going over rules, regs,  and social connections for our Mountain View Community.   Painted, quilted, and bound in an hour and a half! Nice 'therapy' for me  and generally pretty sweet result.

A Beautiful Creation

Sometimes a quilter gets handed a gorgeous piece to quilt in a way that further enhances its beauty. I love this quilt by friend Kelly.  It was great fun to design quilting to support her appliqu├ęd circles. I'm pretty happy with it but for having to return to her. Definitely worthy of an important position in the home. Click on photo for enlarged view.