Saturday, February 28, 2015

Like My Kitty?

This kitty has it going on.   I took few liberties (beyond the eyes) from the original block 4 Bit of Bliss pattern.  My learning here... When fusing a a mixed black and white print... it begs for a visually finished edge... in this case...I added a very narrow black thread satin stitch on the polka dot.  I didn't like attempts at clear monofilament or a colored thread blanket stitch.   Sooo..  placed stabilizer on the backside and the satin stitch chosen for both the polka dot and 'fluer' white and black. I do get rid of backside excess stabilizer once done... in this case... a cut away version.

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Happy Valentines Day ALL

Hubby Ray and I celebrated last evening with a romantic dinner at one of our favorite restaurants
( Spaggi's) in Upland, Ca. Long Stem Yellow Roses grace my dining table too. I addressed Ray's Card with "My Best Ever Husband"  He may well frame that envelope. He liked it more than the bag of chocolate that came with it.

 I hope everyone has a lovely day today.TREAT yourself well & often. ;-)

This 2014 quilt ( Salsa Con Libby) made for the Libby Lehman fundraiser pretty much says what I want to here. Have a happy heart and dance!  ...patt

Friday, February 13, 2015

Bit of Bliss pattern 3

 Some of you may be wondering what's going on with my work. I'm a painter after all and you haven't seen a lot of paintings lately. It's pretty simple actually.. the entire second half of 2014 was filled with challenging ( non quilt related issues)... severely injured hubby ( good now), a major flood in our mountain canyon (still not so good).... so frankly... I'm playing a wee bit.. making happy things to fuel my own spirit...  I do have an important painting in the works.... just not yet for public view.

It's okay to play! 

  This telephone looks a whole lot like a flaired skirt dress... but I'm using the pattern as planned anyway. When I was in high school, almost every girl I knew wanted a pink princess phone so this is in homage to that era. 
The pattern for this quilt had a pieced heart that I didn't particularly enjoy ... so I did what many would do.... I did something else.  The small 3" layered wood heart  resting on the bottom left became the inspiration for a fabric layered heart  mixing many of the colors and fabrics thus far included in this fun whimsical quilt.
A narrow purple daisy sits between the heart and phone to make up a three image block set.
The next pattern will be a crazy cool cat.  Should be fun to do. 
Happy Day all! 

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Adding shoes and bag to a Bit of Bliss

This is one fun pattern tho I admit my color palette and mood do not match the original sample quilt.  This is pattern set 2
I'm auditioning this embroidered butterfly atop the shoe.  I think it will work okay. 

                This is a pretty funky purse.... I used a gold thread narrow satin stitch to outline the bag flap. It adds a nice touch.

Monday, February 9, 2015

Leo Goes To The "SHOW"

 A surprise send from former student Wendy Crook-Abel. I'm thrilled when such emails arrive. This makes a teacher smile!! Thanks Wendy! 

 And Congratulations .... 

       "Attached is a picture of my completed Leo quilt that I started in your Houston class. I can’t wait to do another painted quilt. I will be less afraid of the quilting next time I think. Thank you so much for your help and especially encouraging me... If you wish to use the picture on your blog, please feel free.   Wendy"

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Route 66: 3rd year...still traveling!

Thanks to the wonderful work and creativity of our contributing artists, this exhibit remains a hit and is still in demand! August 2012 was it's first outing at the Rocky Mountain Quilt Festival. We said back then we hoped it could travel as long as 3 years which would mean it could retire this summer... but... we still have 5 requests on the books... one in May 2015  w/ Spinning Spools, 1 in June 2015 with NQA in Arkansas,  2 in October 2015, 1 tentative in November.  We think we need set end of 2015 as our exhibit retirement so we can return quilts to owners. 

 ATTENTION Contributing ARTISTS... we need your help to get mailing and or email updates that have occurred after submission in early 2012. Contact: Lisa with updates. Would even be good to confirm with Lisa if all remains the same.

Everywhere this exhibit travels, we hear wonderful things. I'm sure you have too.  So cool!!!!