Friday, October 29, 2010

Grandson is "3" next week

I just made it to the post office to get this shipped to arrive the day before my grandsons 3rd birthday. He 'loved' the Disney Cars movie.... so when I came across a panel about the film, it had to become the center piece for lil Max's big boy quilt.
It is seldom I start a quilt in one week and finish it the next ( in fact never in a pure art quilt) but this one was for our sweet boy Max and HAD to be finished. I backed this in red and black plaid flannel ... just right for cold nights in Colorado.Wish I could curl up by the fire under this quilt but it is in the mail and on it's way.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The crossover from Summer

LOOK at this rose! Is it not beautiful? It was dripping with light rain moisture as I took my weekend walk in the park. I'm sure it is the last great bloom of the season, so time to move toward fall.
I will be posting some less artsy but fun things across the next couple days from my just concluded weeklong personal retreat with friends in Lake Tahoe Ca. 38 women in a lodge on the South Shore! Not bad
The lodge comes with a quilt friendly cat named PINTO! Leave your quilt laid over a chair, and it is quickly adopted!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

From Drink Container to Tool holder

I LOVE the creative thinking of quilters. One of the quilters on the Hawaii cruise has found a clever use of the Crystal Light container for dry mix packages

Remove the label and use the packets of mix allowing use of the plastic container for safely storing/transporting a variety of tools.

Glueing a small square of hard packing foam on the inside of the lid.. serves as a pin/needle holder. CLEVER PEOPLE!!!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Class Projects

Thought I'd show a couple other class projects... First up..talented Laura Peterson's fused Hibiscus from Melinda Bulas class. This was NOT a one day project.... A great deal of 'cabin and laundry room ironing time' were used to get this piece near finished. Beautiful.
And.. then there was "HANKY PANKY" with Cindy Brick. Great fun doing a cousin to crazy quilting using old hankies. Really fun and cute! Ernestine shows hers done with a big smile
Cindy Brick has a book out titled Hanky Panky ( don't you love the name?) It's easy and tons of fun.

Hawaiian Applique in 4 hours

I'm not kidding.... Even on a day when we were on rough seas aboard the Golden Princess, students were able to follow my drawings to finish a painted with ink applique which if a traditional applique, would take significant skills and weeks of time. We had pieces done in purple, red, blue, yellow, green. All turned out wonderful.

Cluck Cluck running free

Amazing that the islands are full of chickens and roosters running free. We are told that anyone 'can' take and cook them but they are tough so the population grows.

Shopping at seaside

A local Hawaiian islander weaves baskets for 'take home gifts.

Oh Hawaii

Egads... Looking at these snapshots, I want to return soon. In the gardens of the Hyatt on the shore of Kauai, beauty and tranquility abound. My roomie decided her NEXT wedding would be here! Hibiscus everywhere
A flawless bird of paradise
and check out this island lizard sunning on the top side of a tropical leaf

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Hawaiian 'Gift Box Quilt'

At beautiful Kaipai Stitchery on Kauai, this wonderful quilt hung from the ceiling. Seldom have I seen a quilt pattern that says.... "use Hawaiian fabric please".. but that's exactly what this border called for. The pattern.... really called " The Gift Box Quilt' is by Lisa Boyer.. her web is So if you have 3 yards of Hawaiian fabric ( what the pattern calls for in the outer border), this might be the pattern for you.
Finished Size: 55 x 69

Friday, October 15, 2010

Aloha to new Hawaii quilting friends

What a great time I had on this round trip from San Pedro, Ca. 14 day cruise to Hawaii. 4 days at sea each direction with 3 days of available classes each direction.. ( ie 6 classes if desired). I met many wonderful people from all over the country. Some of my new buddies are L-R Rachel from a small island off the coast of Maine, Marie Strait ( fellow teacher ): Northern Ca., Nancy : Arizona, Ernestine :St Louis, Mo, and Juanell : Northen Cal.

Needless to say we found fabric stores and shopped on every visited island. Nancy looks happy, yes?!
Rachel bought a dozen or more hawaiian fabric fat quarters.
My roomie Ernestine is a smart shopper making thoughtful buying decisions.
Then there is muah... who usually paints her own fabric. Despite this....I was often the shopping winner daily. I look at fabric as art... if it is beautiful on it's own, I must have it. I know there are many of you out there like me. :-) YES?!

Home to California at last

I arrived home the same time fall arrived in the mountains of Southern California. Below: the view yesterday in the road in front of our mountain home. (The steps on the right lead to our place in BEAR ( aptly named) Canyon in Mt Baldy)
Leaves are just starting to turn. The air is a bit crisp. I've always been fascinated by this split tree usually in near daytime darkness due to the canyon's dense tree canopy above. At the 'right' time of day... a tiny stream of light hits the yellowing leaves. Soooo beautiful.
All that said, Hawaii was beautiful as well.. a different beauty. I'll be showing a few pics over time. ALOHA Hawaii (Boo Hoo!) BUT look what I came home to.