Sunday, August 9, 2015

Wonderful Teaching visit in Washington State

 Just home from this week's visits. I spent 3 great days in beautiful Washington State. A lecture with Puyallup Guild and Lecture/ Workshop with the spunky quilters at Block Party Quilters.  Here's a promised quick overview of our Fun Faces Workshop designed to create an informal portrait of someone they know. The end result is intended to be somewhere between a cartoon like image and reality.  So here we go... all color work is using Tsukineko pigment inks in bottle or marker form  named Fabrico). These are permanent when heat set. Click on photos for enlarged view!!!

First participants chose from a mixture of patterns I brought!  They selected amongst several head/jawline shapes, hair styles, sets of eyes, nose, lips, glasses.
Selections made and followed by cut and paste to chosen head shape. Yeah.. we made a person in a matter of minutes.  Now to ink! 
The order of things on this piece.. After placing a skin tone fabric over the drawing... ( benartex fabric  apple butter color #1)  we moved on... 
1)Using Fabrico 152 marker... outline eye area leaving bottom center w/o a line.
2) Block in color of eyes, a black marker places a small C as a pupil. (We'll add white highlites later) 
3) The upper eyelid warrants a darker line .. i.e sort of an eyeliner.   
4) Using rubbed down ink no. 52 (sand) .. apply very light contour on face, neck. 
5) draw in hairline with marker -# 152 sand in this case) 
6) I like to outline clothing and maybe earrings at this stage too.  
7) I used  Fabrico marker #157 to outline her lips ( ash rose) 
Admittedly .. she's a bit ghost-like now so let's keep going. 
7) I've added some #33 pink cheek blush ( go VERY light here)
8) Filled in lips with no. 57 ash rose... got it dry, and added a highlite on the lower lip.  
I've done 2 things here...
9) added some #53 autumn leaf (very very dry brush rubbed) to warm up the dirty look of # 52 shading on her face.
10) Blocked in #53 Autums leaf as hair. 
I've now addes
11) some darker shadows in hair ( #55) truffle and some small amounts of dry brush no 11 ( yellow)
12) Lets block in clothing.... No. 33 rose pink on her collar
No 20... Lagoon on her shirt.  
13) Once the eyes are dry, drop in highlites (#80 bottled ink) 
14) I added merely an inference of eyelashes on the upper lid
15) a dry brush dot of pink at the inner edge of the eye
16) a very thin sketchy outline of glasses in red made them look more finished.
I think we're done with this fun! 

It's amazing what a simple contour drawing can do to get you from  start to finish!

Happy Quilting All... 
Off to Sunday Church!!!