Friday, February 13, 2015

Bit of Bliss pattern 3

 Some of you may be wondering what's going on with my work. I'm a painter after all and you haven't seen a lot of paintings lately. It's pretty simple actually.. the entire second half of 2014 was filled with challenging ( non quilt related issues)... severely injured hubby ( good now), a major flood in our mountain canyon (still not so good).... so frankly... I'm playing a wee bit.. making happy things to fuel my own spirit...  I do have an important painting in the works.... just not yet for public view.

It's okay to play! 

  This telephone looks a whole lot like a flaired skirt dress... but I'm using the pattern as planned anyway. When I was in high school, almost every girl I knew wanted a pink princess phone so this is in homage to that era. 
The pattern for this quilt had a pieced heart that I didn't particularly enjoy ... so I did what many would do.... I did something else.  The small 3" layered wood heart  resting on the bottom left became the inspiration for a fabric layered heart  mixing many of the colors and fabrics thus far included in this fun whimsical quilt.
A narrow purple daisy sits between the heart and phone to make up a three image block set.
The next pattern will be a crazy cool cat.  Should be fun to do. 
Happy Day all! 

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