Friday, July 10, 2015

"Out Of Africa"

I have been on a dead run... Colorado Granddaughter  Kaley arrived last month for summer in California.  So far... I've taught  two granddaughters how to sew jammie pants... bear in mind... I don't make clothing.... but it's done, they wear them, and ofcourse... we have fabric for a second set.
This week, we made a whirlwind trip to Arizona.  Kaley was excited to visit this great place near Sedona(OUT Of Africa Wildlife Adventures)   These big cats were soooo exciting.  These are a few of my pics.
This white tiger was breathtakingly beautiful.
A lioness just finishing a snack...
I had a mighty long lens for this guy.
Great eyelashes, eh? 
Perhaps the most exciting event at Out of Africa is the afternoon tiger splash. 5 adult tigers literally playing in and around a pool like very large kittens,  Usually, trainers who have been with and are loved by these animals for a long time are in the pen with the animals... but not on this day as tigers are spooked by distant thunder, I show this pic so you can see how BIG they are.  The 6ft trainer is dwarfed by this big cat.

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