Friday, March 4, 2016

Words To Live By

So here's what I've spent much of February doing....   First,  a friends quilt laid atop my  glass table to consider a quilt plan. The pattern is gorgeous... 90 x 90 " Words to Live By."  This quilt deserves some attention. It's an heirloom.  Felted wool  hand appliqué atop cotton.
In my art quilting, I don't mark anything but this will need some repeated flourish in open red and black triangles.

The above markings were  actually done later in the long arm process, But thought I'd  show the known plan here. In long arm quilting, I machine baste the entire quilt . Those half square triangles were just 'ditched' then on to the appliqué blocks. I chose a free motion echoed S curve coupled with scrolls for the individual appliqué blocks in both the center 4 by 4 blocks and surrounding individual word blocks ( A few shown here.. In addition to the center 4 x 4 medallion block there are 12 large individual  blocks ) 

I do love the look of wool atop  light value cotton. It's gorgeous! 
I need to get this off the long arm and trim it up. 

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Robbie said...

A beautiful piece complicated by beautiful quilting!