Wednesday, March 15, 2017

So Thankful for San Diego Friendship Quilters

What a wonderful world it was this last weekend.  We did 2 workshops and a guild lecture ( laugh session) across the weekend and Monday evening this week. Carol Kaplan was my program host extraordinaire. THANK YOU Carol.  Hope Campbell let me stay in her B and B room. Lots of help at the guild meeting too.. Thank you Mary Tabar, Wendy Mathieson, and many more. Life was pretty sweet for me this weekend. Thank You ALL.

 Sunday was a skill builder workshop called The Filling Station  where new filler motifs were tried  and those that  students liked would hopefully be applied  in their own work.  I don't usually show student work from this session as I wanted all to be free to try things without judgement/concern.  Click here if you wish to see what this class is about ( scroll down to the Quilters Filling Station entry).   Such fun/great students Sunday. THANK YOU ALL!!!!

Monday was a MEDIA MIXER with every students work different than another. Collaging to fabric, stamping, stenciling, etc.   So fun!
Here are a few I was able to catch as the day ended...

This happy piece was created by Gloria Muano...

I can't wait to see this fully finished. This is in the early design stage with pieces loosely placed where they will be put down permanently. Carol Kaplan has  calligraphy phrasing to add at home.  I love this neutral palette.
Here, Carol Kaplan and Elaine Swatnicki stand with Elaines finished collage. That was Monday afternoon.
Already I received a photo of her  quilted/ finished work.  AMAZING!  These collages each tell a story. So nice. I apologize I didn't get all photographed.  These make wonderful personalized gifts.

This piece was designed with a granddaughter in mind. . . One who longs to go to Paris.  I bet she gets to go. ;-D

There's quite a romantic feeling here... definitely a love of nature. 

You know there's an interesting story behind this fun piece 
Thanks to all who made my time so memorable. 
 If you'd like to more about this class, click here to go to and scroll to Media Mixer.

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