Friday, December 1, 2017

WHERE HAS She Been?!

Beats me!   I'm not dead... not fading away for all time.  I have been teaching... showing work , doing some custom quilting for hire when I could... I'll be back on line once things settle down a bit .  Sometimes life takes turns that consume us.  No pity party here.... just is...   A stepson  diagnosed in May with glioblastoma turned many lives upside down. By the grace of God and love of family, it has brought family members even closer.. in constant collaboration in supporting and dealing! Out of state family hit a different rough spot which took a toll we are dealing with and seeing positive results.  Enough said. I've just had higher personal priorities of late as I'm sure many have.   I just looked up a 2016 instruction I posted  to give a friend and realized  by lack of posting, I seemed to have vanished!! 
Good news nonetheless... My very large White Knight Horse earned a blue ribbon  last month in Houston... and now lives with a new owner in the midwest.  Shock! Nice surprise!   Have a great safe holiday all and give thanks for all the good you have in life!!    Holiday Hugs....   Patt

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