Friday, December 26, 2008

Auditon Audition Audition!

No shopping today.... quilting to restore mental serenity.... working today on a thread article using small abstract sampler blocks. This one of many article samples is about using color atop neutral fabrics. Unless you are using heavy weight thread (what you see here is average 40wt. thread) you can use bold color choices to create interest on a neutral background. Just like one auditions fabrics for a quilt, audition your thread as well. Don't be afraid to change thread choices even after you "THINK" you have a committed plan. In this case, the plan to use light lavender in the lower left corner was changed for a warmer peach thread color as I liked the warmth the other threads were creating.I also changed to a lighter pink for the upper right corner as the pink in the fabric suggested i use less value in the thread. As we all know it is much easier to change our mind BEFORE we quilt. I hate removing thread quilting, but I'd certainly do it if it mattered.
Happy quilting! Patt

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