Thursday, February 19, 2009

Giving Back a New and Beautiful Way

Tuesday this week I lectured and visited with delightful members of the South Bay Quilters Guild in Redondo Beach, California. I was so impressed with their ongoing philanthrophy projects, I had to showcase their beautiful work... so hurray to members of South Bay for their "Read Me A Book" program where contributers donate a themed quilt with a matching theme childrens book... both of which are donated to the states Court Appointed Special Advocates organization known as C.A.S.A. This is an extremely needed and helpful organization where screened, and trained public volunteers become advocates in the courts for young children and teens who would otherwise have no one 'watching out' for them. I have a family member who does this rewarding advocate work. It's beautiful to see how this volunteerism can protect and develope our nations children and future adults. Partnered quilt/book sets are given to Advocates to present to the children for which they advocate. This is often the only thing receiving children can call their OWN! It was delightful to listen to Advocates grateful feedback letters describing how their advocate children so beautifully responded to gifts. The photo example showcases a dragon themed quilt accompanied by a delightful childrens book about playful dragons. Hats off to this idea and those who make it all happen.


Anonymous said...

I work with the CASA program in Los Angeles. I am excited every time I am called by Julie Moss, who started the Read Me a Quilt program. I love seeing the quilts that have be made and love even more watching the CASAs pick the quilts for their CASA kids. I know that the quilts will bring love and hope to children who have had a very rough start to their lives. Thank you South Bay Quilters' Guild members.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the lovely write-up on "my" Read Me a Quilt project. We have been doing this for about 5 years and have passed along about 350 to 400 quilts with books. If any of your bloggers are interested in starting a Read Me a Quilt project with their guild for their local CASA, please have them get in touch with me through the South Bay Quilters Guild at It is a fun, rewarding project for a group to undertake.