Monday, February 2, 2009

Victorian Ladies

This is my take on how to handle a redwork pattern. This lady is one of twelve drawings from Being a painter at heart makes it hard to follow a pattern verbatim, so in this case, it didn't seem necessary. This project block employs ink painting, thread embroidery, needleturn applique and a bit of surface embellishment. This is just one of the 12 "Victorian Ladies" being completed by my Wanabe Quilters friendship group. They are fun so I have done 2, and am on my third. The gray threads in the face are part of the project owners plan. Kinda wish I had chosen this shared work project as I really like these ladies. One of the things the pattern didn't call for was a white pupil highlite. Without that, all the ladies appeared saddened. Click on images for closeup view.

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