Sunday, May 3, 2009

Economic / Efficient Thread Storage

This is likely NOT new news to most of you but I so appreciate this method of thread storage, I wanted to post something on it. We probably all have a ton of thread, and maybe even a high end thread cabinet or two. While I have a commercial cabinet with one manufacturers entire line of thread colors in it (Superior Thread!!!), I equally love this space and cost efficient method. This simple method utilizes one of those inexpensive (put it together yourself) 2 hole storage units that cost somewhere around $20. The units come more than one finish, tho I have chosen white melmaline. The units stand something like 24 inches high so easily fits UNDER a work table. What you see holding my thread in this first picture is 12 ( 6 per storage well) plastic hinged lid containers found in office supply stores, and designed as PROJECT PORTFOLIOS for business projects. That's a lot of thread in a very small space.

Each project box measures about 1 3/4" deep, by 12" x 10 1/2", and holds as many as 45 large spools as exampled in this next picture.

Finally, each project box is sorted with same genre threads.. eg. all solids in one, all metallics in another, etc, and dynolabeled on the outside edge. It's easy to find the right thread quickly with this labeling, AND one can easily take an entire box with you to class if need be. No big deal! It took me a while to collect enough of these as the office supply stores had only 2 or 3 each visit, but it was well worth the effort. Happy quilting, storing!!

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