Thursday, October 29, 2009

True or quilting messy?

The answer is soooooo false... at least it is today. Cake decorating is so much more messy I could scream...between cleaning counters, bowls, mixers, spatulas, etc etc. I'd planned to make a cake today...actually I planned for my hubby to make a cake as he loves to bake, but at 70 years old, he is going to college for his 3rd degree for FUN... and today he had algebra class....a.k.a. self-inflicted pain. I decided I would be the baker and use one of his favorite recipes. It's not hard to thumb thru his cookbooks and tell which recipes he really likes. Favorites have notes all over the recipe page.

Tomorrow is my quilting friendship groups 20th birthday. So we need a birthday cake for each member. I now know why we don't see alot of individual serving birthday cakes at the bakery. They are hard to ice. I bought one of Wilton's brownie pans... sectioned for 12 good size brownies. It worked great for my little cakes. A piece of parchment in the bottom well, and these little cakes popped right out.

These look pretty cool in the end... but transporting them to the monthly meeting some 35 miles will be a trick.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my "Wanabe Quilter" friends!

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