Monday, October 5, 2009

creating a water soluble quilting template

Got a few questions about an earlier piece on this topic. So, a bit more info to come here. I first found a design from which I wanted to create a template. I then layed a piece of tracing paper over the source design, and used a sharpie to trace the design outline. After that, I slightly enlarged the traced image on my copier as I wanted the finished quilted image to be scaled a bit larger. After that... I chose a 'lightweight' water soluble stabilizer. There are a number of brands... a couple shown here. A second tracing using a permanent marker ( ala sharpie) onto the stabilizer which was then pinned to the quilt, and quilted right thru the stabilizer.
After quilting was done, excess stabilizer was torn off the surface, remainder dissolved with water per product instructions.

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