Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Meeting Lauren

Day 2 called for all artists to change locations in the room so as to view today's model from a different angle. ( I thought yesterday was a challenge... just wait Patt!)
In prep for a value sketch, meet Lauren sitting straight across from a room wide sliding window set up.  Morning light was pretty nice and I was able to do a value study on paper.   I have to give myself permission to not go back and 'fix' small details as this is NOT a finished paper sketch drawing nor could be given the time allotted.. I must remember this is a value and shape study more than anything else.
Ofcourse, I'm wanting to see an exact likeness given my usual approach to things. Message to self... Lighten up Patt!

Here's the instructors demonstration of the artist from a different perspective.

The afternoon pose set... a sketch attempted.( I failed to photograph mine as I was frustrated big time.) I had a heck of a time this day... trying to squint and see details in the afternoon window light glare. Squinting for me causes multiple images.. No help! Too much astigmatism and eye surgeries over the years.  This is the kind of thing that makes people want to quit ( it did cross my mind too).   Several artists around me were frustrated though for some unflattering reason gave me a  bit of comfort if not progress.  Nonetheless, beautiful young Lauren was a pro.
Instructor  Gretchen helped me a bit and I got back on track so the end of the 2 hour paint session gave me a decent path toward an overall painting I must work on when time permits. When you know you only have 15- 20 minutes more.. you take chances and get moving QUICK...

 Class over.... Headed out for a well-earned margharita!!!

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