Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Mixing It Up in Free Motion

Over the last couple weeks I've been posting samples of linear fillers ( ones I called  Stitches that Stabilize) , samples of curving/circular fillers ( I called  Stitches that Harmonize) , and angular fillers (I called Stitches that Move Your Eyes).  Now I want to combine some of one or more types to create  some other interesting options.  So here we go:

This is one of my personal fun favorite fillers comprised of curvy scrolled in and out  rectangles, squares , and angles.... whatever it takes to fill the desired space.   
This one has no name... maybe (Wacky Scrolling) .

The is one has some curved edged angles and lines useful in representing air or slow moving water flow. I begin with one stitched line to create general  flow direction.  
Then add  exagerated 'echo' lines til the area is filled.. Notice the distance between lines... while somewhat echoed... are purposely not the same distance one to the other all the time.
Another fill I use often is Directional Meandering made up of lines and hairpin turns.   It works nicely  in vertical and horizontal orientation.
I know this looks strange but years ago I used this to meander fill a painted asphalt  schoolyard .. and I ended up liking it for other things.  I didn't want a traditional meander.. too many curves... I didn't want a linear filler, and I didn't want an angular one either so I made up one with a little of each . No name for this one either.  
This one is a bit linear though mostly curvy... but I like it and call it a Curved Veil.
Assuredly there are many other fillers... I even think of others as I type... But I have filled up my little sampler so be it. 
 I'm thinking of doing a class like this on The Panama Cruise next year. It would be fun for students to take home a "library" sampler of stitches to use in future projects. For those reading and already planning to take that cruise.. Let me know what you think of this idea. The World of Quilts Travel Link is above on the left if you want to see more info about the cruise.

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