Sunday, October 6, 2013

Stitches that "Move Your Eyes"

Back home and continuing on my sampler on different types of  free motion fill quilting patterns.  I recently addressed  categories of stitches that Stabilize... and  then those that Harmonize .... so will stay with the rhyming theme and call this one Stitches that Move Your Eyes.  I'm speaking mostly of angles here so here are a few ideas that suggest something is moving... something happening.... movement energy is present.
Flying geese surely move so this is a filler using that age old quilting motif.  This seemed to warrant a bit of pre marking to keep me on track when I stitched.  I used a frixion pen for pre marks and will remove markings with a dry iron setting matching fabric ( in this case silk).
 Then as I stitch, I can make minor corrections from the original markings.
Parallel or stacked angles show movement but also stabilize a bit.

An angled maze
A Tangled web
I might not use this often as it is pretty out of control... but a  somewhat boring area of a quilt that needed some energy.... maybe so. 

I'm packing to travel today but do have 1 more Mixed Stitch category  that combines line types for interesting effects.  Happy Quilting all.

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