Thursday, July 10, 2014

Less is More Quilting

This is a small piece thats all about honoring this deceased young man. Even at 24... one can pass of a heart attack. Jason loved to drum.. so he is seated at his drums here... but whatever I do in the quilt plan... it is NOT to draw attention to the drums..
I layered 2 battings for this... wool/poly blend on the front, cotton/poly behind.  I wanted the surface loft of wool and the weight of cotton so this would hang a bit more solid.

I secured Jason and other parts with a very fine monofilament. I don't want to see any thread work on Jason.  I need to keep it simple so the soft monochromatic image can speak for itself.   I did however want to fill the grey background and chose a triangular scroll in thread to match the background... 1) the triangle scroll suggests rapid movement which seemingly aligns with what a drummer does 2) the matching grey thread doesn't demand alot of attention.
The outer chevron fabric is only there to support the central image. Sometimes, the fabric gives guidance on would-be quilting.  I followed every other chevron zig zag to guide stitching.. again in very fine monofilament. No real attention is demanded by this method.

After quilting... I square up my quilt by marking and stitching on the marked line.  This minimizes thread pop ups after trimming.

I then trimmed appx 1/8" outside the marked/stitched line.
I usually face my art quilts but this one will be best supported with traditional binding... albeit it a 1/4" finished binding that can be rolled to the back and monofilament stitched in the ditch.  

 All done... sleeve added and delivered to the owner.

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Vicki W said...

What a lovely tribute!