Saturday, November 29, 2014

The Linen Quilt Is Done

A 60" by 60" quilt  of antique linen over antique gold drapery fabric.. WHY NOT?!
I've been running so hard so long, I managed to injure my knee so I had to stop,  sit down and finish something.  So I did!
The linen is about 36" square  ( this image shot with the quilt across the back of my  mountain home couch so it's not looking square here... but is!)  The  underneath background fabric shows off the cut outs pretty nicely.
Sure wish I could find a stencil for this feathered border.  

The background had a built in pattern that made quilting it easy! The fabric provided direction. 
BINDING was a different story.   This flexible looser weave, and  lengthy bits of thread work  brought some challenges. 
FIRST, I found  I could NOT press an edge into the doubled over binding strip. Too soft a fabric. 

SECOND...   that meant I needed to stitch together the raw edges of strip to be used for binding.An overlap/ zig zag  would be best of all as the cut edges start to fray pretty quickly.  Not doing that triggers  fabric 'slips' and you'll likely miss catching the bottom ( unseen) edge in the machine stitch when adding the binding to the quilt.   You KNOW how I learned that  was needed... ofcourse the hard way!

Once the binding was on and turned to the back, I found the looser weave in the fabric left the binding with an irregular, somewhat lumpy look.  The answer.... a straight stitch just off the binding seam. 
I probably wouldn't like this on a bed quilt, but this piece is not that but a wall or table top piece so it seems just fine. 

Time to pick off loose threads. 

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