Sunday, June 21, 2015

The 3rd degree... the good way!

   Hubby Ray photo'd  here with one of his happy classmates Madison.  Happy Fathers Day to all you papas.  For my man... he gets both the Happy Dads Day wish and also  yesterday got his 3rd College Degree.... This one in his lifelong love.. History  ( No 1 was  Kinesiology (?sp) , No 2 Art)
He was definitely the oldest student graduating yesterday... and maybe older than the  Dean.  EVERYONE knows Ray,  Madison said.     Finally... he's  up on the  Jumbotron screen!! Happy Dad's Day sweetheart!

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Laura T said...

Amazing! Way to keep on learning and great attitude as we age - you never stop learning. I always say it's a good day when I can learn something new!