Thursday, June 4, 2015

To The Person in possession of this quilt

July 5 UPDATE:  Grateful news...   after blog, Facebook, and posts... this piece returned to me as requested.  Thanks to the many facebook friends who shared and reshared...  
PLEASE..PLEASE send it back to me no questions asked.  I spent a solid 2 mos. creating this piece.  So far, my insurance provider hasn't  offered  compensation and I'm appealing.     I do not deserve this loss and you do not own this quilt. PLEASE send it home P O Box 302 Mt Baldy, Ca 91759


Robbie said...

So sorry...this is terrible!!!! I hope someone does read your blog. Do you have FB? You should put it on there as well. I would share it if you do.

Pondering Cat said...

This is wonderful you got this back. It is beautiful & thankfully, it is back in its rightful home.