Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Houston Int'l Festival Donation for Auction

Amongst all the other excitement at Late October's Int'l. Quilt Festival is a small quilt silent auction of donations made/given by many of the current and past teachers.  I had already sent a mixed media donation a couple mos. back... but had this small painting started so finished and quilted this weekend for another option to be considered by  festival attendees.  This piece began with lavendar eyes... I was thinking about Liz Taylor's eyes  and thought mack the knife would have liked them.
Everything built around those eyes... then the quilting fun began.

 You might note some small frixion pen fill patterns drawn in pink. I sometimes decide what I will 'fill' with and mark in 1 erasable quilting motif in the scale I think I want..  So here goes..
 Following  the addition of some simple background grid  in the mint green color... I stitched the flared edges of the sun..

Then filled the rest of the lady sun in a simple soft curvy teardrop pattern.
Time for the 'boy' moon... A small scale triangular scroll seems to work. 
A free motion outline follows for the drawn  circle scrolls.
The 4 corner edge sun flares need quilting too. 

The  silver metallic / flat gray zig zag border calls for simple zig zag quilting in this case...alternately  skipping over every other like  'zag to give off an interesting raised motif.   The end result was FUN! 

A 1/4 inch binding of similar fabric in turquoise and we're done but for the sleeve/ label added on back. 

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