Sunday, December 6, 2015

Quilted At Last

In the summer of 2014, friend Laurie and I came across a darling quilt in an Arizona shop.  The pattern set is called "A Bit of Bliss" though we call it the Friends quilt. Pattern is pricey ( each block a pattern) and was designed around using pieced backgrounds off fat quarters.  I must admit... it wasn't an easy pattern to interpret.  Several of my groups members wanted to make it as it was pretty danged cute.  Being the type that rarely follows instructions, I changed several blocks that better fit what brought me bliss... ;-D.  (notably missing are the current Mr Bond... 007,  Baileys and Coffee, and an orderly sewing room.)
  My heart in the center left is an appliqued heart rather than the pieced one in the pattern.  My house on the top row, eliminated the intended pickup truck and planted a funky flower garden plus added stained glass windows in the house.     On the lower half of the quilt, I substituted one block for a 1960s-type portable radio that I might have listened to while taking a bubble bath in the adjacent block, and finally... if I were having a pot of tea, I'd like to have that high tea sweets platter shown on bottom right.
As always... the quilting is a mind game for me.
. I want to make blocks different for interest... but not too different.
. I want the quilting motif to enhance/support the blocks 'story.'
. and I want motifs to occasionally be repeated within the quilt.
So here goes... click on photos for enlarged views.

This is block 1... THE one that first drew me in.  Such happy playful birds thus the free flowing loopy quilting hopefully says that too.
The quilting on this 'happy house' is simply a wavy sky. 

Coffee with a friend screams of happy hearts .
My polka dot purse is surrounded with like  circle 'bubbles.' 
Free flowing McTavish-like flow surrounds this happy heart. 
Free and loopy teardrops repeated 
Big swirls follow the 'plume' of the hat. 
                                            McTavish-like background for kitty 

                                                    and tea
Circle Qs for the flower cart and bubble bath. 

and num num... happy hearts for the sweets tray. 
                                             'Had to go with radio 'waves' here.
so... now to bind... !  


Robbie said...

It is adorable...and of course, your workmanship is perfect!

Sewgirl said...

Very lovely. Your quilting is always outstanding. I know you will enjoy this quilt. Thanks for sharing!