Monday, December 14, 2015

Table for the Holidays

 I'm a sucker for panels (though like many use but a few purchased)  and this one caught my eye a year or so back...   Sooo festive. This makes a nice table holiday cover and a chance to play and "experiment with quilting motifs". So that's just what I did here on this 42" wide panel..
I loved all 3 dramatic images. The central wreath was loaded with a calling for simple outline quilting much like needed to show off  applique. A more simple cross grid in wreath center gave the eye a place to rest.. and plenty of free form Victorian feathers surrounded the central image on all three  panel segments.
Peace on the left... oh how we need peace in our world.
and joy on the right. These 2 cardinals are gorgeous.  Kudos to the designer . 
 Love the text of twigs and berries.  Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! ! 
Someone will get this this holiday but don't know who .. yet! 
UPDATE... Last evening one of  our group of quilt friends  had dinner and drew numbers in one of those Silly Santa select and steal exchanges. Quilter with the  drawn from a plate number 1 got this piece and  kept it. 
Click on photos for enlarged views.

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