Monday, July 18, 2016

First Huntington Beach Childrens Chalk Festival

Well we were IN the the city, in my niece Jennifers backyard. A Busy day with family and friends... First ... meet our two trainers for the day.. Grandaughters Morgan (left) and Kaley (right)
First they marked off 2 foot square areas and sketched various contour images. Then Kaley showed them how to apply and blend soft pastel chalks on concrete. 

Away the younger kids went...  They were focused!!! 
 Miss Jessa ( age 4) is approaching her butterfly with an impressionist style.
Troy and Wyatt Martin were into the Shark Tank!
and the finish... 

Girlfriend Ava started her owl!
and the finish! 

Lauryn chose a cuddly bear 
and the finish... I'd hug this guy wouldn't you?! 

Cooper the quarterback was definitely into his football colored chalk.

                                   and the finish..

                                      Ella was so into this butterfly. Nice Job Ella

Even teacher Morgan played a bit
and the finish...

and Kaley too.

 What a team...

After this, kids noticed Aunt Jenn had written Jessas name on the concrete wall.... uh oh.. then the fun began again.... 

Kaley loves all things Disney  


Such a great day.... Maybe next summer again? 

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