Sunday, July 3, 2016

Kaffe meets Jane .. In class?

I don't own an RV, and don't think I want one just because it's one more thing to take care of.
BUT... many see it different than I  and  I wanted to create an easy to care for vacation 5th wheel.  This piece begins with a basic applique pattern ( "Flaura") using  mostly Kaffe Fassett fabrics and miscellaneous fussy cut elements from floral/fauna fabrics found here and there.
The pattern had a somewhat folkart dog running toward the "trailer.... but as a painter instead  I painted, fussy cut,  and added a pet to peer out the back window.  Good doggie! 
The top image is mostly how this piece came home from a recent chick getaway where it began but since it is a fused piece, I needed to get home to work on a larger ironing surface than found in a time share unit.   
Cutting to the chase, I fussy cut and fused dozens of flowers and leaves to be added.. The  fussy cut florals seen below were part of my original plan to add along the curved stem hanging over the trailer. In the end... I dumped this idea looking for  a softer feel on the curved stem..Why?.. the stronger value flowers  shown here competed with the red trailer for viewer attention.
Attention fights are no good!  
Softer value and more delicate florals worked better to my taste. 
Extra fun additons... came  from Jan Sassaman fussy cuts. 
 Her fanciful leaves and flowers were a great graphic addition.
Trying to decide...   I created this for personal fun... but it indeed  is so much fun... I might want to do this as a class at a future venue.  

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