Saturday, November 12, 2016

"POT" .... Pot Holders ... Why not!

I don't even smoke tobacco much less pot but I got a kick out of this version of my occasional pot holder sewing....  I bought this "POT fabric" last summer in Colorado where pot was already legal.  ( This fabric pattern is called "Herb" by Alexander Henry. It's out of their 2014 line but shops can surely get it.. especially since several  more states just legalized it.  .... at least Jukebox had it.

So here's the deal.... what you'll need and *what you'll get ( * finished pot holder upper right side of pic below. )

To make 1 super functional pot holder... as seen below you  will need:

3  10" squares of a novelty fabric or at least matching fabric.  (2 of which are folded over right side out triangle shapes of pot fabric in the picture below)

2  10" squares of contrasting fabric ( exampled by triangle -folded black below)

2 10" squares of mostly or all cotton batting  
1 10" square of thermal isulated material PLUS 1 10" square of mostly or all cotton batting.
(I've made both ways and both work fine)

1 scrap square of novelty fabric ( appx. 4" x 4" )

Start by layering the 'batting' layers as shown... , place the scrap fabric in the very center.

and stitch it through .. all around it's perimeter . It makes little sense right now but this scrap fabric will be directly below the 4 fabric triangles when they are added and turned inside out.  You'll see.
So now turn this fabric side down on your work surface.
This may seem odd... but next comes the 10" novelty fabric placed directly atop the layered battings.  
Now you take those 2 of each fabric right side out triangles and "weave" them atop the 10" flat novelty fabric...   Below are the first 3  triangles put down and then to place the final triangle, will require pulling back a corner to set in the final triangle. Skip down one more pic. 
Final triangle in! 

We're getting ready to stitch through several layers so PINNING  
to secure layers will be very helpful. 

Adjust ( lighten) the pressure foot so things will move easily through.

Stitch the entire perimeter.
You are about to turn this deal inside out so snip  excess bulk at the four corners
There's not an easy way to still photograph the inside out process...  Just do it.... and the result is the ( in this example) the 10 inch POT fabric  is now on the underside of your pot holders.. the folded triangles now on top .
To use as a true pot holder with a good grip...  one can literally slip a couple fingers through the center opening of the folded triangles.  It's a mighty good HOT Pad  for food dishes too.

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Robbie said...

Clever! Love, love the 'pot' fabric!