Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Mixing It Up at Road To Ca

When I first came to Art Quilting, a wise person said... try most anything on fabric... It just might work.  That's exactly what students did in my Media Mixer Class at Road. Colorful napkins, kleenex, japanese and other handmade papers, tissues, stamps, stamped blotting tissues,  Wasi tape, etc... were used with an adhesive  art medium to adhere images to fabric to tell a unique story.  I brought lots of things for students to play with plus some brought  things of their own.  Fun was had by all.... Here a a couple of images from students work.    So fun!
Here, a delicate story about a love of all things nature

These mixed media pieces look even better once quilted . I brought this unquilted piece to class and have now added quilting motifs using several thread colors...   Here's the basic progress.
First laying out a likely plan to convey a young ladies  day dreams of wealth, love,  and travels.
Next step.. get images on the background fabric.
Then a stenciled overall image to tie elements together.
Variegated gray thead used to raw edge the varied elements. 
To brighten this piece... I chose a variegated golden/apricot thread for background fill, a purple to outline the stenciled green plus the yellow flowers.

Minimal securing in black of tree trunk and limbs
Black stitch securing of under edge of upper eye lid, outer edge of nose flair, and central line between upper and lower lip.  
I added and stitched in Gold.. a stamping of an initial.. In this case my own to make it more personal. 
Fini !! ;=D 
I am teaching this class  March 13th  for San Diego, Ca's Friendship Quilters Guild.   

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Robbie said...

What lucky folks who get to take this class (or any class from you!)!!!! You need to offer online classes!!!