Tuesday, January 31, 2017

The Filling Station at Road

Another great fun class for skill building free motion.  I've come to see all quilting motifs as either  visually stabilizing, harmonizing, or moving your eyes around your quilt.  Sometimes a mix of types is fun and effective. In  this class, students in learning marked  their motifs first..  some  motifs eventually  can be done without marking.... but this is a good way to skill build.  I saw people who had never quilted a feather create a beauty!
Here's an example of a marked curved fill
First stitching the larger curved divisions
Coming back in to fill the smaller curves. 
We also marked  and ultimately stitched a victorian feather 

The end result included horizontal rows of motifs that 1) visually stabilized... (mostly straight and box-like motifs)  2) harmonized ( that would be curvy stuff) and moved your eyes ( like angles)

This gave students a reference library of differing motifs they knew how to do... and which they could use to choose motifs that send the message they wish on new quilts. I am again teaching this class March 12th  2017 for/with San Diego Friendship Quilters.  Seems a perfect companion to "Media Mixer" ( previous post). 

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Robbie said...

Great lesson plan!!