Thursday, April 13, 2017

Prepping for Papa Christmas

UNUSUAL  to be doing this class in April but I am thrilled as I love this Father Christmas piece personalized by each student.  On Saturday I will be with Pine Needles Quilters in Wrightwood, California. These are mountain people so I feel akin to them as my home is on the south side of the same mountain as Wrightwood on the North. 17 miles away as the crow flies.... 55 via highway. Sort of funny.
The time afforded in a one day class calls for the face of Father Christmas to be pre painted so that the other work is playful and time doable.  I did a bunch of these for students yesterday.  Ready set... an abbreviated look at the face painting process.

First.... fabric cut the size of drawing...laid atop  and skin tone ink added... heat set.

The beginning process looks elementary.... I want students to know " it's a process" ;-D

Kind of creepy looking 'eh?  (This face is about 1 1/2 inches high)
Finally darks and highlights added and voila.. I'm ready for Class.. ;-D Yeah!

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