Saturday, May 13, 2017

Viewers Choice - Spring 2017 Paducah

How Sweet This Was...
"White Knight" 52.5 L x 60"W"

detail quilting:
The drawings for this piece sat  rolled up in the corner for 3 years ... ready when I was.  The problem??.... How to paint that massive mane I wanted. Finally.... 'caution thrown to the wind and off I went..... painting seemed much like weaving.. or maybe braiding. All good. 'Happy he is done.  Click on photo/s for enlarged view.


Quiltingdb 3 said...

Patt, Karrin and I saw this at Road 2 California. It's so cool!! I love how you did the mane! How fun to have it at Paducah and win!!!!

ladyhock said...

This is so stunning and gorgeous! Thank you for sharing the view.