Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Tucked Away To Play

I am on hiatus in one of my favorite places on earth..... Sedona,  AZ voted some years back as one of the ten most beautiful cites in the U.S.   Gotta be true!
 Because life has been a bit tense of late ( bad news about health of my step son. etc... I was ready for downtime and some fabric painting.) I am able to take a full set of Tsukineko inks and markers with me in a small plastic case.   heres how I travel with them... even internationally ...   Bottled inks in a plastic case... Fantastix applicators divided in small plastic bags in low to high numeric range.   Pretty simple plan... easy enough to pull out the needed fantastic and inks as needed.
This is a "friends traveling alone together" experience meaning we have separate rooms  next door to each other...   rooms on the edge of Oak Creek.    Well, somebody has to stay here.  ;-D   While we are all quilters, one is piecing,  one is drawing, one painting.  We spend time together daily and also have downtime on our own. Perfect.

I needed to paint some small fun things as relaxation  therapy. First up a playful beagle. He made me smile.

Then a small bird .. this time not painted on white fabric but a pale soft green batik.  As long as the base fabric is a light value... these transparent inks can  completely change color and value.
..After being here a couple of sweet  relaxing days....  I am ready to work on a more complex project. 
While I seldom do this... this time I am doing a smaller painting before tackling my large project of the same subject.  I do this when 1) the  ultimate piece is pretty important to me,  and 2) I want to discover  where the bumps in the road will be and maybe how to solve them before I embark on a really large project.  

The subject : a barn owl in flight....   here's the early start - up close. 
(c) patt blair 
This will be a long width, short length composition...    Plenty of time invested... close to the end of the learning process.  Time to let my eyes rest before I make a really big mistake.
(c)  patt blair
Click on any photo for enlarged views. 

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Robbie said...

WOW...as always, your work amazes me.