Sunday, May 20, 2018

Lovely Day at Raincross

What an absolutely fun day with friends ! These friends and so many others enjoyed a quilting showcase, tea sandwiches, desserts in the garden of Raincross Living in Riverside Ca.  Wanabe Quilters member Carol Brodie lives there so both she and her pastime became the focus of the day.   L-R Carol B, Patt Blair, Prudy Andrews, Janmarie Halliday, seated Hilary Field, Karon Cornell, Peggy Huerta, seated Loretta Beaumont. We missed those unable to join in the celebration. ;-(
I've captured but a very few of the  45 showcased quilts.... apologies.. I missed pics on so many gorgeous quilts.
Here below is muah with "Wanabe Dining"... one of the groups favorite things... our monthly gathering for fun and lunch at a members home.  This quilt is a silly representation of each member dining around a colorful table... our placemats?... the silver Nordstrom boxes  in which we often stored UFOs. 

When someone gets married ... we offer up a happy  quilt and a party... In this case for Laurie Lyon who missed the  quilt show day vacationing in Cabo San Lucas. Poor baby! 

This is Karon Cornell's Christmas gift to her first year secret pal... Laurie.  Spectacular!  Karon is rightfully proud of this piece.. and hint  to Laurie... please will it back to her.   ;-D 
I was moving too fast for a good photo  of "My Circle of Friends" but this is one of my favorite quilts made by Phyllis Reddish.  This Friendship group is 27 years old...    We won't quit !! ;-D 
 Two members, Carol Brodie and Carol Culbert  designed and made this mini quilt. The pattern was later enlarged for both wall and full  bed size and became the opportunity quilt for North Cities Quilt Guild in Placentia, Ca... NOT once... but twice over the years.. ( I bought $280.00 worth of tickets and didn't win.. argh!) A beautiful quilt, indeed

Phyllis Reddish is masterful and prolific.  This joyful Christmas appliqué is one of many spectacular holiday quilts. 

Such a great day... thank you Raincross and especially their staff lead Lauree who made everything happen! ( I spelled it right Lauree! yeah) 

My last upload... a quilt almost unknown to most of my friends.... "App'd to Paint" was part of a traveling exhibit which returned from France a few mos. back. The concept.. Create an App ( application) quilt 40" square  but for rounded corners. The App should represent who you are.  I'm a painter at heart so... why not paint the paint itself!   Happy Quilting!!!  


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