Monday, May 14, 2018

Warrior at last

Ever had a year you had more stuff than hours in the day...    This has been one of those with little end in sight.   BUT.... I have one piece finally finished... started last summer...   A challenging floating on a sea of white Native American warrior... 'Tis a beautiful ink rendering on fabric  completed by a long time student and now friend.  Asked to quilt this for her, I was happy to help ... but the age old question for quilters... HOW to quilt it and show off and support the artwork without the quilting distracting.  Lots of fret over this magnificent warrior.

The easy part... the head dress of fur... where thread should not be seen thus monofilament used to create the 'puffs.' 

Parallel horizontal lines somewhat grounded the central image ....  a red satin stitched chevron keeps the viewers eye on the quilt top... ( Thank you Libby Lehman for being and showing how to do this ... years ago class now coming into play) ;-D 

 And lastly some Native American symbols top and bottom finish it off. A warm golden thread micro stipple shows off the symbols without drawing attention.   A peek in the upper right corner shows fabric that likely will become binding.  This is one of  the few times I know binding will add something to wall art piece.
That said... I am still moving from my Claremont studio to my new home.  The longarm move is complete.. yeah.  Now working on the " supplies "( art and fabric, etc) Moving is for the very young. Normalcy will come... but 'tis a few mos.  away. 

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