Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Fake Out Hand Dyes

I gotta get some quilting info in here.... Did you notice the multi colored strips of hand dyed fabric on the Ode To Bonnie Raitt quilt a week back in the blog? Well that was indeed hand painted with dye strips of fabric fused on the red heart. Since that quilt is gone to charity... I wanted to make another for myself to use in my fusing class... but frankly getting the dyes mixed for some multi colored fabric seemed more than I was up for... sooo... since I am a ink painter... I decided to use my ready to go inks to create a would-be hand dye look. Inks right out of the bottle were applied to water misted white prepared for dyeing fabric, thus creating a hand dyed look. Once dry and heat set, fusing was added to the back and then skinny strips sliced and fused on the red heart. If I didn't have so many unfinished projects, I'd feel rather smug.

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