Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Quilt Line Planning

Art quilting often calls for some original quilt line planning. A talented friend Carol Culbert has a "body parts challenge quilt" including original ink drawings and text addressing the unique physique of Olympic Champion Michael Phelps. How to quilt? Well it seems water streams and bubbles might be the ticket.... so first... we took a photo of the quilt top ( actually about 24 x 28") and printed it out on 8 1/2 x 11 paper. The plan???... place a piece of clear acetate atop the image.... and create a plan using markers. I prefer to use Vis a Vis "fine point" dry erase markers because you can indeed erase and redraw, but the photo shows white board size because I have put my smaller ones in some safe place ( yeah right). Draw a would-be plan... adjust as your sense dictates... then you have a quilt line plan. By the way.. if I have the original quilt in front of me.... I also have an oversized piece of acetate and can lay it atop the actual quilt and plan as already stated. In this one... no evident quilting seemed appropriate for the framed drawings of Mr Phelps. .. so the idea would be to have water streams behind the drawn artwork areas. Streaming water is essentially an exaggerated curvy echo line and bubbles are overlapping rows of overlapping circles. If you double click on photo images you will get an enlarged view which is easier to understand. How do you create your quilt plan for such things? Let me know.

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