Thursday, October 2, 2008

Chopstix done.. Primate Begun

Finally... a painted with dye piece from a while back is quilted and bound. I'm on a long quest to quilt several pieces.. but admittedly I am simultaneously driven to paint an image that has been on my mind some time... so I'm starting a BIG primate. When I teach people NEW to working with pigment inks, I encourage people to work from light to dark value.... because it's easy to add... not take away... BUT... once one is familiar with the media... start with the darks if that makes sense.... I'm doing some of that here. The overall piece will end up quite dark too.

Some great news yesterday from IQA in Houston. My entry piece Windsong has won some award.. I won't know what til I get there the end of this month, but it feels pretty nice whatever the case.

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