Monday, October 27, 2008

Houston Bound

30 minutes to departure for the airport and i still must do some online bill paying. I am so excited to go to Houston again... it's been a while. 'Am taking dear friends with me too. I lecture tomorrow and teach Wednesday.. Sure hope I haven't forgotten anything big. I have to look at it as a little mystery each time I travel. Wonder what I've forgotten? I'm pretty sure I'm not alone in this lil problema. I have a equine piece in the Houston show. I'm told to be at the awards ceremony Tues night. cause it ribboned but I don't know how. A second and delightful mystery! I'll let you know upon return what happened.
My hubby is an artist too... a 69 year old art major at Cal Poly. We live in the mountains with a stream running just outside our home so he created a Curtain of Light (strung mylar pieces) to dance in the breeze above the sound of rushing water. It's beautiful. We installed it yesterday with the help of his brother and nephew who filmed it as a documentary. So very cool.

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