Saturday, November 7, 2009

Starting NOV 9th on

Hiya... check out which on Monday next will launch a segment featuring MUAH! They posted a pic teaser and trailer on their newsletter also posted on website.. Not so bad in this picture but in their slideshow viewable at website, one thing I've already noticed... I may need a necklift soon! eek!


Anonymous said...

Hi, I watched your segment on The Quilt Show yesterday morning. Great job! I have used the Tsukineko (sp?) inks before, but you have challenged me to get much more out of them. I am not a sketcher, but I can take photos!

Can you tell me about the "paint pencils" mentioned on this morning's BLOG? And the holographic paints? Thanks, Gi2

Patt Blair said...

Hello... Thanks for the nice words. First you very accurately spelled Tsukineko.... :-)
You asked about the pencil stick referenced on TheQuiltShows Blog. The pencil stick description and reference to dyes were their words written by someone unfamiliar with my process. oh well! Anyway, you likely know the stick I use... It is a Fantastix... also made by Tsukineko. They came out a few years after the inks came to the U.S. so if you are not familiar with them, they are available at or The heliographic paints I referenced are Pebeo Transparent setacolor paints... very thinly applied to retain transparency. Hope that helps and thanks again.