Saturday, November 28, 2009

Pinning and Planning

Most of my quilting is unmarked textures and fillers. The first part of this piece had wavy continuos line scrolled in and out squares, triangles and rectangles. It's a fun and fast filler. This time, I noted I had a more open space than I wanted... albeit small.... so when I note such a thing.... that's all I do is note it by placing a straight pin in it and know I can/ will rectify that later. I find if I stop and fix something right now, I often lose my rythym. I can come back later.
The other time I drop a pin in is when I break or run out of a thread. I place a pin where I stopped to minimize the potential to unravel and so if I take a break, I know exactly where to begin again.
Working this piece, I got to a point in the wavy scrolled fillers, I decided I needed a different texture, different feeling and decided upon an irregular 'channel' of small meandering. In this case, a straight stitch outline on both sides of the would-be channel was desirable. A rare occasion... I blue marked (the washable marker) the outside channel allowing a unquilted tufted area to be saved as a separation between one quilted area and another.
Doing so made it easy to efficiently fill the channel. I also changed thread for interest.

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