Sunday, November 29, 2009

Starting Anew

Happy Sunday all.... I'm picking up where I left off yesterday.... starting a new quilt line or picking up from a broken thread.... same approach either way. This might seem a strange thing to post for some, but I was amazed how long I had been quilting before I learned this, so here goes. The idea of what we're going to look at is how to bring your bobbin thread to the top surface as you start quilting so there will be nothing to snag or clip on the back... yeah!!! First holding your top thread slightly taunt, position your needle exactly where you want to start your stitching. Send your top needle down through you fabric!
As you bring the needle back up, you'll note your top thread remains beneath the fabric surface.
A slight tug on your top thread and the bobbin thread will pop through to the upper surface. I used my curved fiskar scissors to slip into the resulting loop and pull the loop forward so that the entire bobbin thread pops up top.
At this point... hold your top and bobbin threads together and begin stitching at the desired starting point. After a few stitches, you may trim both threads (YEAH) from the top surface!

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