Saturday, June 19, 2010

Fun Quilt and Day with friends

I hosted lunch for my Wanabe Quilters friendship group yesterday. I finally finished the binding on the kind of fun quilt I've been mentioning. It's called "WANABE DINING" because we do it monthly and each hostess really works at making it a lovely luncheon day.

It looks pretty cool on the table too!

As you can see... it's bigger than my table.... but ofcourse, no eating on it anyway. Yet to be done... the addition of a 'signature fabric napkins.. the fabric came from each group member so I'll add those after I do a bit more quilting on the "Nordstrom box" placemats I used in the picture of my china and crystal place setting for each quilter friend.
Here's a few closeups of individual Wanabe members.. L-R Carol Culbert and Laurie Lyon

and 2 more L-R Carol Pankow, Nancy Mastroianni

2 more L-R Hilary Field, Carol Lundquist

2 more L-R Nancy Kastner, Phyllis Reddish

Our Matriarch Carol Brodie

and last at the bottom of the quilt... upside down me

Lastly.. Dessert of the day... Nummmmmmm!

UPDATE: Someone asked if they'd seen this quilt yet. They have and what fun it was. It's a great group of ladies!


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What a cool quilt. Have the ladies seen it yet?

Cher in BC